“Adjusting and adapting to the needs and requirements of clients and tailoring the services to the specific needs of each client is the best way to go.” – Fauzia Khan, Legal Consultant at Paoletti Law Group

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Your career spans over 15 years, with diverse experiences in corporate law and litigation. Could you share with us how your journey began and evolved to your current role as a Legal Consultant at Paoletti Law Group? Please walk us through your Journey from choosing Law as a career to working in Dubai

Law has always been my calling. Since the age of 14, I have had a deep desire to pursue a career in law. Despite coming from a business-oriented family, I knew that my path lay in the legal profession. I am the first lawyer in my family in 3 generations.

My journey in law began with my internship under the guidance of a senior advocate in Gauhati High Court in the year 2009. My senior, Mr. S.S. Sharma was a very patient and attentive teacher, and I learned a lot from him. I practiced under my senior’s guidance for 4 years and then started my own independent practice. 

My thirst for knowledge is what led me to Dubai, UAE. I wanted to learn and experience law on an international level and Dubai offered me the perfect opportunity to do so. I landed in Dubai, UAE just before the lockdown in 2020, but I was blessed to still have found work here. 

Throughout my career I have encountered an endless supply of legal issues, most of them demanding a unique solution. Navigating and resolving these issues have constantly kept me going. I love facing new challenges and finding out different ways of solving them. 

As a legal consultant, you’ve navigated various legal landscapes, from India to Dubai. How do you perceive the differences in legal practice and client expectations between these regions, and how has this impacted your approach to advising clients?

Having experience in both India and UAE jurisdiction, I have had the opportunity to deal with diverse legal landscapes and understand the nuances of the expectation a client may have in each region. In both India and UAE, clients may have different legal requirements, but their needs, overall, are similar. All a client wants is someone to guide them through the legal maze and provide support and solutions for their issues.

Adjusting and adapting to the needs and requirements of clients and tailoring the services to the specific needs of each client is the best way to go. By utilizing my knowledge and expertise, I offer strategic and pragmatic advice that tackles each unique challenge and difficulties encountered by each client.

Moving from India to Dubai for your legal career marks a significant transition. What factors influenced your decision to relocate, and how has this move impacted your professional growth and experiences? 

Like I have explained already, my thirst for knowledge and zeal to learn about law on an international level is what brought me to Dubai, UAE. Since moving here, I have had the good fortune to grow both personally and professionally. Working in Dubai has exposed me to diverse cultures, legal systems and business practices broadening my skill set as a legal consultant. This experience has been vital in shaping my understanding of cross-border legal practices. 

Overall, the decision to move to Dubai, UAE has been instrumental in the development of my professional career. 

Your role involves advising on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters. Could you elaborate on how you integrate ESG principles into your legal strategies, and why they are increasingly important in today’s business landscape?

Integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles into legal strategies involves a multi-faceted approach that encompasses compliance with environment regulations, promoting social responsibilities and best practices. This includes advising on risk mitigation strategies, conducting due diligence on ESG issues, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable laws and standards. By aligning legal advice with ESG objectives, organizations can enhance their reputation, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable growth.

Considering your experience in international legal consulting, particularly in the UAE, what unique insights have you gained about cross-border legal practices and the challenges involved?

My experience in international legal consulting, particularly in the UAE, has provided me with unique insights into cross-border legal practices and the challenges involved. One of the key challenges in cross-border legal practice is navigating the complexities of different legal systems, cultural norms, and business practices, which can vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another. I strive to provide clients with advice that addresses their legal needs and helps them achieve their business objectives in an increasingly interconnected world.

Your expertise in drafting legal documents ranging from complex joint venture agreements to trademark registrations is commendable. What strategies do you employ to ensure clarity and efficacy in your drafting process? Any tips for students? 

Drafting any kind of a legal document requires extensive research and accurate analysis of the issues and requirements involved in drafting that particular document. This includes reviewing relevant statutes and industry norms to ensure that the document is legally sound and meets the objectives of the parties involved. 

For students aiming to excel in legal drafting, I recommend prioritizing clarity, precision, and meticulous attention to detail. Proper research and analytical skills, along with honing the ability to convey intricate legal concepts in straightforward language, will be instrumental in shaping their success in future legal endeavours.

With the demands of your profession, maintaining work-life balance is crucial. How do you unwind and rejuvenate after challenging days or intense legal engagements, and how do these activities contribute to your overall effectiveness as a legal consultant?

With the demands of my profession, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial to my overall well-being and effectiveness. After challenging days or intense legal engagements, I prioritize activities that help me unwind. One of my favourite ways of unwinding is spending time with my family and friends. Additionally, I find solace in travelling and exploring new places. Engaging in these activities rejuvenates me, enabling me to return to work with renewed energy.

With your extensive experience in diverse legal matters, what advice would you offer to aspiring lawyers looking to build a successful career in corporate law and litigation, especially in today’s rapidly evolving legal landscape?

Aspiring lawyers aiming to build a successful career in the legal field should focus on several key points:

First and foremost, continuous learning is essential. Stay updated on the latest developments through ongoing education, attending seminars, webinars, and conferences, and engaging in professional development opportunities. Networking is another key aspect of building a successful legal career. Build a strong professional network by connecting with colleagues, mentors, and industry professionals. Embrace new technologies and methodologies that can improve efficiency and effectiveness in your practice. Develop strong communication skills, both written and verbal, as effective communication is essential for a successful legal career. Uphold the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in your practice to build trust with clients and colleagues.

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