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Bhumika Reddy, Legal Counsel, Robert Bosch, on LL.M from NLSIU, work in litigation and at Fox & Mandal

Bhumika Reddy graduated from Mysore University in 2004 and later graduated in LL.M from NLSIU, Bangalore in 2006. She started her career with G V Krishna Reddy & Associates in 2004 and later switched to Fox Mandal. Currently, she is working at Robert Bosch as a Legal Counsel.

In this interview, she talks about:

  • Law school experience at Mysore University and NLSIU
  • Work experience at G.V.Krishna Reddy & Associates and Fox Mandal
  • Induction and work at Robert Bosch


How would you introduce yourself? Tell us a bit about your pre-college years. What motivated you to study law?

Law, legal policy and implementation of law have always been of interest since my childhood days. I was fortunate enough to be born in a family of legal professionals, and grew up, almost on a daily basis being a part to discussions on legal aspects, current happenings in the area of law. Therefore, in my formative years it was deeply instilled that law is an effective instrument of change and facilitator of socio-economic equilibrium. And, eventually when the time came to decide on the profession which I am have to pursue, law came about as a natural choice.


How would you describe your time at Mysore University? Tell us about the academic environment and faculty at the law department of the University.

Mysore, as a place is best suited for any academic pursuits. The university of Mysore has produced few of best know names in fields of science and arts, the place is intellectually stimulating. The faculty at my law college in Mysore were extremely approachable, knowledgeable and supportive of my efforts. I am very grateful to the law faculty for having made law really interesting and exciting in those primary years at law.


Did you take part in extracurricular / Co-curricular activities?

Extracurricular and Co-curricular activities add a lot of life to the years in college, it may be debate, elocution, mooting, participating in social causes or dancing, music. I am extremely fortunate to be a part of all activities, and it gave me the opportunity to connect and reach out to a wide range of people and experiences.


Do you believe that excellent CGPA is absolutely necessary for success?

A good CGPA certainly adds strength to one’s profile and gives the initial push required when stepping into any professional, and law is not exception to this. However, legal profession is based on performance day in and day out, so consistency is the key, I am sure it does not end with a good CGPA, but it is certainly a  good start.


What were your areas of interest during your graduation? How did you go about developing expertise and knowledge in these areas?

International law, law of contracts, corporate laws, Intellectual property law, criminal laws and law of evidence were of specific interest to me, though jurisprudence and administrative law were also equally interesting. As a student, my focus was to learn the concepts well and also understand the reason why those laws came about. It is perhaps natural interest which lead me to research and learn more about these areas of law.


Did you do any internship during your graduation? Did you receive any assistance from your college?

During my graduation years, I did not do any formal internship, however me and my dad always used to connect on topics of law and policy and therefore, it gave be an insight into the working of law.


Do you believe branding of college is something that’s very relevant at any stage in a law student’s career?

The facilities and exposure in a few colleges are certainly better than the others. However, as in every field of practice, even in law it matters how much continuous time and effort one is willing to spend on the subject.


When and how did you decide to pursue Masters?

Masters was a natural choice after completing my graduation. It was out of deep academic inclination that I joined masters, as down the line in my career I would certainly want to include teaching law to my repertoire of professional activities.


How will you compare the experience of LL.M at NLSIU with that of Mysore University?

My days at Mysore University and NLSIU were equally exciting and enriching. It would be unfair to compare two institutions, but in the end it is these two institutions which have shaped my professional life and career.


Looking back, how significant do you think that your legal education was? When did you happen to experience the learning curve?

Law is constant learning, so there is never a point in time in a legal professional’s life that he/she can make a claim to know everything. So I am humbled each day when I get to learn new things and experience new aspects of law.


Do you feel that there is a difference in the law firm atmosphere between now and when you started working?

Law firms have always captured the imagination of young lawyers. It is the independence, and the direct interaction with your customer which makes law firm experience so valuable. The avenues are replete and for dedicate & sincere efforts there is always a place.


Tell us about your experience in your first year of work.

My law practice started with my dad (Mr. GV Krishna Reddy), it is his knowledge and acumen which helped me understand a few very important aspects of law at that point in time.


How was your experience at Fox Mandal?

FoxMandal is a dynamic organisation and encourages young lawyers by allowing adequate opportunities for growth. Looking back, work with FoxMandal did strengthen my professional approach towards law.


Please tell us about the requisite soft skills which are essential for a young lawyer to build a successful career?

Personally, I believe that it is important to be genuine, sincere, perceptive and polite, and the other skills will eventually follow.


How did you get to work at Robert Bosch as a Legal Counsel? Please share with us your journey from your induction into the company till date?

I got in through the regular interview process, which Bosch meticulously follows. Each round tests your skills at law as well as your capability to work under stress.

Bosch is an extremely disciplined and process driven organisation with firm set of principles, it follows internal guidelines and set procedure to make selection of suitable law firms, as may be required from time to time.


Would you say that there exists a difference in the working environment of a law firm and legal department of a company?

Certainly, there are differences between work at a law firm and a company. The law firm exposes you to a wide variety of legal issues and essentially gives the opportunity to choose the area of law which interest you the most. The company however adds the business context, it and a deep understanding of how law facilitates and controls business.


What are the primary essentials of a corporate lawyer?

Interest in the subject matter is of primary importance. Following which, a genuine desire to research, improve, and explore into topics of corporate law are very important.  Also, an understanding of the business and its workings are very important to be successful corporate lawyer on ground.


How would you suggest that a law student manages to stay ahead?

Legal education is in the cusp of transition. From being a profession which was taken for granted and almost a matter of last choice, we have students who are genuinely interested in aspects of law and legal policy choosing law over other professions.

It is important to identify the area of interest and work keenly on the chosen area. Also, to form network of likeminded professionals to constantly interact and discuss topics of law will be immensely helpful.


Please list out three activities which you think should be at the top?

Dedicated and genuine interest and respect for law as a discipline.

Consistent learning and updating

Clear set of goals and objectives.


What would be your message to young law students?

There is no a particular way to approach one’s career, however it will be useful be clear about choices and preferences on the topics one may want to pursue. Choose the right set of mentors and follow their advice. And be extremely professional and result oriented while perusing the career path.

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