Mr Vipul Maheshwari, a prominent and established Advocate and an Author, talking about his latest publications and his love for Law.

Vipul Maheshwari

This interview has been published by Sonali ParasharOjuswi Sahay and the SuperLawyer Team

Having both a stellar legal career and being a celebrated author, how would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a practising Supreme Court Advocate and have a keen interest in our polity. As an advocate and responsible citizen of society, I always feel that I have a duty towards the society to elaborate the comprehensive survey of our Indian democracy and rule of law. 

What was your Law School journey like? Was Law School where you first tried a hand at writing?

I had a wonderful journey in my college as a political science student and thereafter as a student leader in Law College. I had lots of opportunities to raise my voice on different platforms but not as a writer.

Tell us about the book “Ramayana Revisited – An Epic through a legal prism”. What was the idea behind choosing this subject? 

The Idea has come up with my uncle who is a co-author of the book. We discussed a unique idea which had never been thought about in the legal world. After discussion with him, I was excited and immediately started preparing the defence and prosecution of the characters of Ramayana and we decided to leave it to the readers to decide the culpability. Supreme Court and High Courts Judges, Parliamentarians, Mythologists, Journalists and Vice-Chancellors have appreciated the book.

You have also written about elections in India in the book titled, “The Power of Ballot”. Was this idea always in your mind or was it something you and your co-author Anil Maheshwari together came up with?

I have seen personally the election process very closely and hence was always keen to write about the theoretical law and practical reality. I have read and keenly monitored lots of elections and their processes in the country. The writing of the book was there in my mind for almost a decade. In fact, I had petitioned before the Supreme Court for admissibility of the Internet voting on mobiles but those were the days when the Court did not deem it fit to admit the writ petition. Another writ petition on similar lines has been admitted and is under process in the apex court. We have given details of the admitted case in the book.  

You seem to be deeply interested in History amongst other disciplines. How do you believe writing on this subject is essential in today’s time and age?

The idea to write on a subject which is very close to every citizen of India as I have always seen that Indians love elections which have become a sort of national festival across the castes, communities and regions in the country. Secondly, I have seen that elections in India in always been dominated by patronage, money, fake news and prediction which made me think to write about the book. Despite all these weaknesses, elections in India are the symbol of a thriving democracy even after seven decades since its introduction way back in 1952 after we attained independence. Let us discuss its shortcomings and make efforts to remove them. 

You have been a member of the National Executive Committee of FICCI and PHD Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India and have received many accolades from different sections of the society for your literary achievements side, we would like to know what got you interested in Commercial Laws as practice area?

This is not a variation as I have done the constitutional, civil and criminal litigation for almost three decades; lately, I started enjoying the commercial litigation of corporates. As a student of political science and law, this has always been my first choice and as an active lawyer and political analyst I always think that it would be good to pen my thoughts on law, the festival of democracy, duties, the exercise of the ballot by more than 910 million electors, management of the largest electoral process by the ECI and lastly the lifeline of democracy will be a good idea to share with the readers in the form of a book.

You have served as the former Additional Advocate General of Haryana and Senior Central Government Standing Counsel of various state governments in the Supreme Court of India. If you had to choose between litigation and writing, what would you choose and why?

As a lawyer, my first love is my profession and fortunately, it involves a thought process in drafting, therefore both litigation & writing go hand in hand and I would like to continue my passion for writing. 

You are a founder of the law firm Maheshwari & Co., Advocates and Legal Consultants, a full-service law firm known in India and internationally dealing with corporate, commercial, transactional, mergers and acquisitions, and intellectual property. Please share about the challenges of your role and the advice you have for the next generation.

As a founder of a Law firm is a big responsibility on one’s shoulder which involves hard work, integrity, dedication, transparency & accountability and lastly the tender job of nurturing young lawyers and help explore their talents. I feel in any sphere of life one should always aspire and try to do a larger good for society.

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