Shishir Dholakia, Senior Counsel, Supreme Court, on a career in Arbitration in India and the White Industries effect

Mr. Shishir Dholakia is a Senior Counsel at the Supreme Court of India with 45 years of experience in litigation practice, over 1000+ cases with specialization in arbitration, commercial and tax laws. He is a leading expert on arbitration law, in particular on the value and applicability of the UNCITRAL Model Law to India.

The GNLU Digital Media Team had the opportunity to interview him at ‘Changing Face of Arbitration’ seminar about some very specific areas of the Arbitration Law in India.


What would be your advice to law students who wish to take up arbitration as a career?


What kind of skills must a student have if he/she wants to take-up arbitration?


What are your comments on the current state of Arbitration Law in India?


After the recent White Industries award which went against India, what do you think shall be the implication on the Arbitration regime of our country?


Certain International Commentators have taken a counter view and they have argued that the host state should keep an eye on functioning on Judiciary. What are your views?


Some newspaper reports has suggested that the Govt. of India has started revising all its BITs after this award. What do you think can be done for improving the investment law regime as a whole?

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