The SuperLawyer Team

“Interviews are more than just a conversation, how do you fit someone’s personal journey and life story into a few immortal words while trying to touch the heart of thousands.
We have a team of storytellers who have been making it all possible.”

Ramanuj Mukherjee

Founder of Superlawyer Website
Foundation day: – JULY 2013
“I started SuperLawyer with a 0 to 1 philosophy. During my law school, there was no website for law students to read about any lawyer’s journey.
You read about someone working in a US law firm or securing a scholarship at Harvard Law School, all you would think about is ‘can I do it as well?’ and if yes, then how? These questions arise in every learner’s mind, and they deserve to be addressed. The goal of founding LawSikho, SuperLawyer and iPleaders has been to bridge this very gap in knowledge and make every piece of information accessible that can change someone’s life.”

Meet the team

Priyanka Karwa

Director of Employability and Outreach, SuperLawyer

Priyanka leads both SuperLawyer and LawSikho as director and manages multiple teams with different tasks and deadlines. She is an experienced Senior Operations Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry and strives for success while introducing new ideas and implementation strategies.

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