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Madhurima Mukherjee

Madhurima Mukherjee is a reputed Corporate Lawyer, having an illustrious practice of 17 years. Presently, she is a partner at AZB & Partners, Delhi office and contributes a part of her time to Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA). Madhurima helps SuperLawyer connect with eminent lawyers.

Somasekhar Sundaresan

Somasekhar is a Partner and heads the Securities law practice at J. Sagar Associates. A business-journalist turned transaction-lawyer, Somasekhar helps SuperLawyer connect with the biggies of the industry.

Editorial Advisor

Raghul Sudheesh

Raghul Sudheesh is a known name in the legal journalism fraternity. He is the Executive Editor at Legally Yours. He is most popular for his interview with His Holiness Keshavananda Bharathi, petitioner in the landmark case before the Supreme Court of India.

Vikrant Pachnanda

Vikrant Pachnanda is an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. He graduated from Cornell Law School, and he is also the Managing Editor of India Law Journal.


Ramanuj Mukherjee

Ramanuj Mukherjee is presently working on a legal education startup iPleaders to make law and legal education more accessible in India. He had come up with the idea of SuperLawyer.

Donnie Ashok

Donnie Ashok is a student of GNLU and presently the Managing Editor and Co-founder of SuperLawyer. He believes in the free internet and takes a lot of interest in active dissemination of information. SuperLawyer is one such endeavour where he plans to make privileged knowledge accessible.

Publishing Editor

Shafina Salahuddin

Shafina is a stickler for grammar and linguistic proprieties. A prolific writer on all genres of digital media, which motivated her association with SuperLawyer. She is currently a law student at South Calcutta Law College.

Editor – Outreach

Reshma Ravipati

Reshma is a student of NLU-Jodhpur. She is an avid debater and a voracious reader. Among other things, she is passionate about basketball and abstract art. She has a keen interest in arbitration law and is on the editorial board of the Indian Journal of Arbitration Law.

Associate Outreach

Rounak Biswas

Rounak Biswas is a student of Symbiosis Law School, Pune. Apart from contributing to the growth of the SuperLawyer, he likes to read non-fiction books and has a strong affinity of reading historical accounts. He takes a lot of interest in national and world history and politics.

Supriyo Ranjan Mahapatra

Supriyo is a student at Tamil Nadu National Law School. He helps super lawyer to connects with the luminaries of the legal Industry and takes their interview. He has a keen interest in the subjects of Competition Laws, Insolvency and Arbitration. He is an avid mooter and has participated in various international moots such as Jessup and Vis.

Social Media

Akhil Ramesh

Akhil is a student of GNLU, Gandhinagar. He keeps the SuperLawyer twitter and facebook pages active. He is here to keep the social media hits high.

Survi Sinha

Survi is pursuing BSc LLB Hons from Gujarat National Law University. Her current career interests are Intellectual property rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution. She avidly believes in doing the things she thinks she cannot do!

Past Associations

Abhinav Singh

Abhinav is a law student at NLSIU, Bangalore currently in his 3rd year. He loves to edit grammar and go to any extent to preserve the integrity of the language.

Aditi Sachdev

Aditi is a 4th year student at HNLU, Raipur. She takes a lot of liking to watch movies and connect with new people. She is also an avid mooter and takes part in all college activities.

Aesa De

Aesa De is our very own Grammar Nazi, an avid bookworm, she’s always reading a new book. Her hobbies include learning languages and watching anime.

Aishwarya Dhakarey

Aishwarya is a student of SLS, Pune, she likes to utilise every bit of her time and keeping herself busy. She helps SuperLawyer connect with people across the industry.

Anisha Aditya

Anisha Aditya is a writer. Terse. Simple. Natural. That is her route. Her aim as a writer is to leave her readers with an upbeat. And she doesn’t let the typhoons of life outdo her last feet.

Anjuli Marwah

Anjuli is a law student at NLUO, Cuttack. She is keenly interested in research work and writing. She believes hard-work is the only key.

Arvind Waghela

Arvind loves to work on Social Media, he is very efficient with Twitter, Facebook and the likes, he is here to help SuperLawyer maintain and grow its presence.

Divij Singh Kadan

Divij is a second year law student at JGLS, who compulsively reads classical science fiction novels and mainstream manga. In his free time he studies and pesters his professors for marks as he spends the rest either debating or mooting.

Ishan Javid

Ishan wants to play his bass guitar at any good opportunity and be a good tax lawyer in some time. He is currently studying B.Com.LL.B at GNLU, Gandhinagar.

Kanika Sood

Kanika Sood is an undergraduate student of National Law University, Jodhpur. She is deeply passionate about Environmental law and wants to make the world a better place to live in. She loves reading, mooting, travelling and organizing events for the University. She enjoys work at SuperLawyer that allows her to read about other people’s experiences in the industry.

Megha Nambiar

K Megha Nambiar is presently a student at School of Law, Christ University. She has an affinity for the art of editing and writing and appreciates the finer nuances of language and articulation.

Mihika Gupta

Mihika is a third year law student at NLU, Jodhpur. Mihika loves to contribute her time to projects that help law students. She is also an Editorial member of the Indian Journal of Arbitration Law.

Mridul Godha

Mridul studies law at NLU, Jodhpur. Currently in his second year, Mridul is an alumnus of Mayo College. Presently he dedicates his free time to the well-being of SuperLawyer.

Pooja Natarajan

Pooja is currently a student of GLC, Bombay. She drafts insightful questions for our interviewees and takes a lot of interest in finding and connecting with Senior Professionals of the industry.

Prapti Patel

Prapti enjoys reading, writing and cooking – but she’s pretty sure the amount of salt and spices she adds to her food is far above the medically permissible limit.

Prerana Keshav

Prerana Keshav is a law student at GNLU and enjoys writing in her free time. She is of the firm belief that an informed public is an armed public, and intends to further this through her role as Co-Editor – Outreach at SuperLawyer.

Radhika Misra

Radhika is a student of RMLNLU, Lucknow. She makes RMLNLU win at basketball matches, and is a terrific movie critic. She plans to visit every city of the world before the third world war.

Roumita Dey

Roumita works at Praxis Counsel, New Delhi. She is a corporate lawyer with interests in Policy and Regulatory work. Roumita helps SuperLawyer connect with illustrious lawyers and advises and helps in drafting questionnaires.

Samira Mathias

Samira Mathias is an undergraduate law student at Gujarat National Law University. She channels her fascination for words and phrases by writing, blogging, singing and also drafting questionnaires for SuperLawyer.

Sanskriti Sanghi

Sanskriti is a second year law student at GNLU, Gandhinagar. A flair for writing, a yearn to learn & a keen interest to engage in and discuss multiple disciplines keep her constantly discovering.

Sarthak Malhotra

Sarthak is currently a student of GNLU, Gandhinagar. His area of interest is international dispute resolution.

Shreyas Negi

Shreyas is an avid dreamer, someone who believes in dreaming big. Apart from being a full time law student, he’s a passionate orator, a driven reader and plans to make a change

Shriya Jain

Shriya is a final year student at GNLU, Gandhinagar. She aspires to become a corporate lawyer and has interned at top law firms. Shriya helps SuperLawyer in editing and social media outreach.

Smrithi Bhaskar

Smrithi is an undergraduate student at GNLU. She compulsively rereads Harry Potter and has a fascination for language. She loves reading anything from the sonnets to articles about the Meissner Effect.

Soni Bhola

Soni is a student of RMLNLU, Lucknow. She likes to research and write on varied topics involving human rights, criminal law, etc. In her spare time she watches lots of movies.

Subhojit Das

Subhojit is a law student at JGLS, Sonepat. He likes to meet new people and share ideas. He believes that SuperLawyer is such a platform where exchange of ideas can take place.

Sudipta Purkayastha

Sudipta is studying BSc.LLB at GNLU, Gandhinagar. Sudipta drafts insightful questionnaires for interviewees. Her love of the language saves SuperLawyer from inadvertent typos and grammar errors.

Sumit Sengupta

Sumit is a 2014 graduate of law from Utkal University. He helps SuperLawyer in drafting insightful questions. Sumit is currently pursuing the Entrepreneurship Administration and Business Law Diploma from WBNUJS.

Suyash Manjul

Suyash is an advocate at the High Court of Allahabad. He advises startups on legal and business issues and he is working to create a startup ecosystem in Lucknow, a city that he is unconditionally in love with.

Yash Bagal

Yash is a student of NLU, Odisha. He used to help SuperLawyer with Social Media.

If you feel you can also help SuperLawyer in your own ways, please email donnie.a[at]superlawyer[dot]in, with subject “SuperLawyer – Volunteer”. We will take it forward from there.

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