The SuperLawyer Team

“Interviews are more than just a conversation, how do you fit someone’s personal journey and life story into a few immortal words while trying to touch the heart of thousands.
We have a team of storytellers who have been making it all possible.”

Ramanuj Mukherjee

Founder of Superlawyer Website
Foundation day: – JULY 2013
“I started SuperLawyer with a 0 to 1 philosophy. During my law school, there was no website for law students to read about any lawyer’s journey.
You read about someone working in a US law firm or securing a scholarship at Harvard Law School, all you would think about is ‘can I do it as well?’ and if yes, then how? These questions arise in every learner’s mind, and they deserve to be addressed. The goal of founding LawSikho, SuperLawyer and iPleaders has been to bridge this very gap in knowledge and make every piece of information accessible that can change someone’s life.”

Meet the team

Aparajita Gupta

Head of Superlawyer Team
Joining date: – 01-03-2021
I’m the Placements Head at LawSikho, and by virtue of my job, I get to do something I enjoy the most: listen! And conducting interviews of eminent personalities for SuperLawyer was like a cherry on top of it all. I always want to know the other person’s story, and what better platform to do that than here? Understanding the unique background and narrative of our Super Lawyers firsthand is not only an enriching experience but something which awards a great perspective on the legal industry.”

Isam Kabir

Website Manager of Superlawyer
Joining date: – 26-06-2021
“Hello. It’s Isam Kabir, Associate in LawSikho, a 2021 law graduate enjoying my passion-driven life.
I’m the one who is doing all the backend work, managing the team with Aparajita and Priyanka while upholding the stories of your favourite Super Lawyers on this beautiful canvas.
I love to sit in with people around the world and talk about their life, culture and try out their favourite foods. So reach out to me through my LinkedIn or email ID, and if you don’t get my reply, in that case, I might be busy with long drives, photography and videography.”

Priyanka Cholera

Trainee Associate-OutreachEditor-Social Media Manager of Superlawyer
Joining date:- 25-09-2020
“Hi, I am Priyanka Cholera. A 5th-year law student at Mumbai University. The super trainee for this super team.
I always knew in my heart my calling is storytelling, inspiring people, and maybe that’s why I leave no stone unturned to get your legal idols on board. I am an anti-social extrovert, meme lover, and an absolute believer of
“One day you will tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now, and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide” Brene Brown.”

Rishika Agrawal

Editorial and Social Media Intern of Superlawyer
Joining date:- 09-01-2021
“Hi there, My name is Rishika Agrawal, and I am a first-year student at Jindal Global Law School and an intern at LawSikho. Coming from a non-legal background, law school was daunting at first, and the inspiring journey of these lawyers gave me the guidance and wisdom that I needed.
I’m naturally inclined to talk to new people about their experiences to learn from them, which is why working on this vertical seemed like the perfect job for me. I’m currently the editor and social media intern at Super Lawyer. This work has been fulfilling and a great lesson at an early stage of my legal career. “

Omm Mitra

Permanent Intern of Superlawyer
Joining date:- 19-03-2021
“Hi, I am Omm Mitra, a student at KIIT Law School. I’m passionate about Football, Literature and Backpacking around the world. A connate thinking introvert, at any good opportunity, I’d like to sit on a rowboat in the middle of Moraine Lake, reading Virginia Woolf and other modernist literature and in some time a good corporate lawyer.”

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