“Adaptability is key in the legal profession. From District Courts to the Supreme Court, preparation and versatility are crucial for success.” – Prabhat Kaushik, Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India

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Could you take us through your journey from your college days to becoming an Advocate on Record at the Supreme Court? What inspired you to pursue law as a career?

During my college days, I used to study and make friends who were like-minded and interested in studying and understanding law. I used to make friends whom you could find in the library only or after professors asked questions. Most of our freedom fighters were Lawyers of course that motivates me and of course, the respect a lawyer gets in Society.

Being the AOR for the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim is a distinctive role. How did this association come about, and what are some of the challenges and rewards of representing such a high-profile client in the Supreme Court?

I got the chance to represent the Hon’ble chief minister of Sikkim before the honourable Supreme Court through the Standing Counsel for the state of Sikkim in the Supreme Court who had previously engaged me in many of his cases and therefore gave me a chance. the rewards are always high but the expectations are also high.

In your extensive career, you’ve handled cases related to Builder-Buyer disputes, Recovery of Refunds by RERA, Criminal Cases, and more. What motivates you to take on such diverse cases, and how do you stay well-versed in multiple areas of law?

From the beginning of my law career, I, used to handle builder buyer cases as many of my close friends and relatives were cheated by builders and providing them good results brought me many cases. I have offices and associations in Delhi NCR and many of my associates, friends and lawyers keep me engaged in their cases and that keeps me updated with all kinds of cases.

As someone who has dealt with international companies and MNCs, what nuances or differences do you find in representing their cases compared to domestic ones?

Cases of MNCs and international companies are not of a very different sort but their challenges are also as same as those of a domestic company for example for a Japanese company I got an FIR registered against the top brass of management in Gurugram a complaint filed by their Parent Company and a Ukrainian company was cheated by Transport vessel company and for other Dubai and Japanese companies facing trouble because of Labour, Employees, Tax and POSH cases.

Your practice spans different courts and forums. How do you adapt your approach when dealing with cases in various jurisdictions, from District and Session Courts to the Supreme Court?

The only thing I keep in my mind while approaching any Courts from Distt. to Supreme Court is that I should be well-versed and well-prepared with my case.

Becoming an Advocate on Record involves a rigorous examination process at the Supreme Court. Can you share your experience preparing for and clearing the AOR exam? What advice do you have for aspiring lawyers who aim to achieve this milestone in their careers?

I really put all my efforts into clearing the same and was a herculean task. the only mantra is hard work and study plus one should join lectures delivered by examiners THEMSELVES conducted at ILI.

Your chamber plays a crucial role in shaping the professional journey of budding lawyers. Can you tell us about the work culture and environment in your chamber? Additionally, how do you approach mentoring and guiding interns who join your team?

Yes, it plays a very important role but I like my colleagues to enjoy work within spheres of discipline in my chamber. I don’t like the late-night work culture. Law interns, they really enjoy a lot because We expose them to every court and forum of Delhi-NCR which enhances their knowledge in unravelling intricacies of Law.

Having seen the evolution of legal education and the influx of interns and upcoming lawyers, what differences or challenges do you observe in the skill set or approach of students today compared to when you were starting your career? Are there specific areas where you think interns or young lawyers might need additional focus or development?

Yes, nowadays the legal profession is in vogue. It’s very difficult for a beginner to earn bread and butter in this profession in their initial days. There is a misconception floating around about a lot of money in this profession and therefore the students are choosing this profession but no one tells about the struggle which breaks them. The legal profession is a very noble profession. But not an easy money-making profession. In our days we knew what we were doing and how we would do it and were prepared to face struggles mentally and physically. I used to attend courts by using Public Buses and Trains, which for a modern new Lawyer is not possible if he/she belongs to a humble family and puts a financial burden on their parents.

Beyond your demanding legal career, everyone needs some downtime. Could you share with us what passions or activities you pursue in your free time? What brings you joy and relaxation outside the courtroom?

I really enjoy gossiping with friends and of course travelling to the hills.

Having pursued an LL.M., yourself, could you share your perspective on how further academic specialization contributes to a legal career? What advice would you offer to young lawyers considering pursuing an LL.M. and how can they maximize its benefits for a successful legal career?

Well, higher studies always help boost your confidence and add a new chapter to your success story. For young lawyers I advise them to pursue all sorts of courses available to help boost their knowledge and enhance confidence, there are so many diploma courses and LL.M helps new lawyers to shape their career by specialising in some chosen field. 

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