“Advocacy is a blend of dedication, strategy, and continuous learning, and I believe in mastering every facet of this noble profession.” – Vikas Verma, Advocate-on-Record at Supreme court of India & founder of KMS Law Firm

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What initially sparked your interest in pursuing a career in law, and could you share the motivation or experiences that led you to take the Advocate-on-Record (AOR) exam after already having an extensive 15-year career in the legal field?

From the initial stage of my career, legal profession was passion for me, after passing my LLM, I was involved in Judiciary Coaching, then after that I was appointed as Assistant Advocate General by the Government of Haryana from 2011 to 2014, but I feel that Advocate-on-record is a prestigious position in the Supreme Court and has its own charm.

Establishing and leading KMS Law Firm is a significant accomplishment. Could you share some insights into the challenges you faced during the initial stages of starting the firm and what motivated you to embark on this entrepreneurial journey in the field of law?

At KMS Law Firm we have a research-oriented approach and highly experienced team which ensures a quality assistance with an assortment of legal business solutions, ranging from complex transactions. I started my journey with dedication & Hard work. 

As the Co-Chairman of the All India Lawyers Forum, you likely engage with a diverse legal community. What initiatives or activities do you find most rewarding in fostering connections among the legal professionals across the country?

As Co-Chairman of AILF, I have organised about 40 webinars during lockdown on different topics of law which were most significant for legal fraternity with sitting and former judges of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. I learnt a lot from the experiences from different speakers/guests who gave valuable insights on legal topics. 

In your role as Emeritus Assistant Advocate General for the Government of Haryana, what are some of the legal and constitutional issues you advised on, and how did they contribute to the governance of the state?

As the Assistant Advocate General of Government of Haryana, I was a younger officer of the court in the State of Haryana. I attended and presented before the constitutional court and divisional benches and dealt with different types of cases of Government during the tenure. I took an active part in proceedings of court in state matters.

As the Managing Partner of KMS Law Firm, you’ve been involved in a diverse range of legal areas, from criminal law to constitutional Law. Can you share a case or experience that stands out to you, something that was particularly challenging or rewarding in your career?

It was a great experience when I dealt with the most difficult cases of NDPS and argued before the Supreme Court and Justice Indira Banerjee gave good judgement on reducing the sentence and even waived off the fines also. 

As a firm has a Research-Oriented Approach, could you elaborate on how this approach translates into delivery quality legal assistance to clients? How does the firm ensure its team stays well-informed and updated on legal developments?

The firm boasts of a Highly Qualified Team to assist the clients with the legal and regulatory framework. The mindset of our team is a special mix of integrity, intelligence, energy, and strategy which is the backbone of our firm. It is this conspicuous character that makes our associates different from others. It is what enables us to be the best for our clients, – their guiding star, and their trusted legal advisor.

In your extensive experience navigating litigations across various high-profile forums, including the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts, can you share a situation where the courtroom dynamics were particularly challenging, and how did you navigate through it to secure a positive outcome for your client?

When I dealt with a civil case regarding a land dispute before the court of Hon’ble The Chief Justice of India and the court had made up its mind to deliver the verdict that the land could be divided amongst the parties to the suit. Even our case was on strong footing as the order of the lower court was in the favour of my client, but I tried to give my best before the court and the court finally passed an order in favour of my client.

For law students aspiring to intern in the legal field, what suggestions would you give them to make the most out of their internship experiences? Additionally. Could you share insights into the types of internship your firm, KMS Law Firm, typically offers and skills you look for in potential interns?

During the internship experiences, students should do research work and discuss the file, read the bare acts with interpretation and should attend court proceedings so as to know the practical nuances of law. Good communication and drafting skills is what we seek in our prospective interns.

Balancing a career in law can be demanding. How do you unwind or pursue personal interests outside of your legal commitments? Any hobbies or activities that you particularly enjoy?

Social Engineering is the best theory in the legal field. I am involved in yoga & Meditation which I enjoy after work. Generally, I like to visit new places for holiday breaks.

Considering your extensive experience in the legal field and as a mentor to aspiring lawyers, what advice or suggestions would you offer to the coming generation of legal professionals? In your opinion, what can they do differently or better to thrive in the dynamic legal landscape and contribute meaningfully to the field?

Seven lamps of advocacy are the most significant for every lawyer i.e., honesty, courage, wit, industry, eloquence, legal judgement and fellowship. One should always try to master these all. Also, with the advancement in technology in research work and filing it is necessary to be conversant with the developments in them and use them for one’s progress. Also reading judgment and discussing with seniors gives immense jurisprudential understanding of law. 

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