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Anumita Sarkar on litigation in income tax and being an associate at Lexplosion


Anumita is currently Legal Associate – Tax compliance, Regulatory Research & Risk Management at Lexplosion. Let’s talk to her about being fluent in tax and her career trajectory.


Hello Anumita! First of all, we’d like to thank you for agreeing to talk to us. Most of our subscribers hail from law schools in India and abroad. How will you introduce yourself to them?

I am a lawyer, expertise in the area of Income Tax Litigation.


You graduated from Miranda House, University of Delhi with B.A. (Hons) in Sociology and then went on to get a post-graduate diploma in Mass Communication from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi simultaneously managing to completean LL.B. from Campus Law Centre, University of Delhi. That’s like a lot of studying! Tell us about your experiences at each of these places.

Studying in Miranda House was a dream-come-true. Those 3 years were simply unforgettable, more so because I was a resident of Miranda House Hostel. After completing my grads, I successfully cracked two entrances (M.A. Sociology at JNU and Delhi University Law Faculty). Although, it was a tough call, but my ambition was always to join the league of legal professionals. Hence, CLC, DU.

I have always been very energetic and firmly believe in multi-tasking. My very good friend in college inspired me to pursue Mass Communication from BVB, New Delhi. She is an Assistant producer now with CNN-IBN. Pursuing law and journalism required lot of studying, but it was worth it! I successfully completed my LL.B. and journalism and felt confident with both the degrees. I was into dual profession (practicing as a lawyer as well as a content/ copy writer with a travel agency). I was never afraid to venture out new career opportunities.


anumita-sarkarOkay, coming to the very clichéd question- Why Law?

The subject Law always fascinated me extensively. As I grew up, I realized that law is something which intrigued me deeply. The constitutional changes, legal developments in law brought in the society, etc. It was all over the newspaper daily. I was a voracious reader of various types of magazines and editorials in newspaper (The Hindu). I realized that, I am at my best when I’m challenged and nothing could convince me, until it satisfied me with logic and reasons. Law is something where I relish the opportunity of lateral thinking. There’s nothing better than learning from the supreme master, as in the case of Eklavya!


You took up a course on Intellectual Property from World Intellectual Property Organization. How was the experience?

It was a fairly good experience. The course covers all the general IP concepts. One can study and read the modules at one’s own pace and time.


I’m sure you were a brilliant student – it won’t be out of place to mention that you have numerous publications and internships! How was the practical aspect of law?

Internship as a law student and an experience as an Advocate are completely different. My main area of practice was Income Tax Law. I practiced for 3 years before various statutory authorities and income tax appellate tribunal in Kolkata. I have handled independently several types of income tax appeal cases and I feel good to share that I have successfully disposed off many cases (reported judgments). My publications are about my experience in tax litigation. My publications are my in-depth legal research in the study of income tax law and practice.


In India, despite all the hue and cry about female equality, there are numerous families that don’t support female education. How supportive has your family been?

My parents have been extremely encouraging and ambitious with me and my sisters. My elder sister is a Doctorate from J.N.U and an Assistant professor in Miranda House, Delhi University and my younger sister is a fresh law graduate from N.U.J.S., now pursuing her Judicial Clerkship under a Supreme Court Judge. We have been raised with the best of education and I am proud that my parents are encouraging and extremely supportive. They are liberal and forward looking. They feel proud in our every little success.


You’ve worked as a content writer for a holiday tour company, as a practicing lawyer, and are currently working as a legal associate at Lexplosion Solutions Private Limited. How has the whole journey been like? What were the major hurdles that you faced in your journey so far?

The legal profession is very challenging and full of struggle, especially when one does not have a god father to support. My interest for litigation put me into professional struggle after passing out from law school. But I was confident that I would succeed in anything that I loved to do. At this time my dad, once being the officer in the Revenue Department, supported and encouraged me to specialize in one of the areas of law. It was not a very difficult decision; Tax was in my blood and it was one of my subject interests of study. I joined a Chartered Accountant firm and I started tax litigation in full swing. Here my competition/ colleagues were mostly Chartered Accountants. Hailing from a non-accountancy background, I initially suffered a low confidence and found it extremely difficult in understanding the jugglery of accounts in income tax practice, especially at the times of scrutiny assessments. But with the help of my boss (F.C.A.) and supportive colleagues/ accountants, tax practice gradually turned out to be smooth. I researched more and more and with the help of and taxmann, I always kept myself updated with the latest changes in income tax law/ litigation. The only thing I did continuously for 3 years was tax litigation and I loved it and I was good at it.

Lexplosion happened by chance. I felt it was the time for me to explore something more challenging and diversified. I grasped the opportunity to work for Lexplosion, the moment I got selected. Lexplosion Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a statutory compliance management firm providing compliance solutions to various corporate sectors. My areas of work comprises of providing tax/fiscal compliance solutions to the corporate clients.


You don’t only have a lot of degrees and work hard- in addition, you blog and also volunteer for causes like teaching under privileged children, helping needy children, raising funds for a cancer research institute! You truly are an inspiration to many of us. Tell us something about your volunteering experiences.

I have been volunteering since I was in school. I was very active when it came to support a social cause, hence I volunteered as a fund raiser for Help Care Society and Cancer Center Welfare home and research institute. While pursuing graduation from Miranda House, I was an active member of MH NSS society. I volunteered as a teacher and taught the under-privileged students.


In addition, you have completed a 4 year course in Art from Sarbabharatiya Sangeet, recognized by the West Bengal State Academy of Dance Drama, Music and Fine Art. Do you still pursue your hobbies and interests? How do you manage your time?

No, I don’t pursue Art anymore. I regret that I couldn’t complete my diploma in Art. Study took away most of the time. Now, my interest is to blog and providing solutions to the readers as and when I receive any query in my mailbox.


Finally, what would you like to say to our law school students and graduates? Your words will surely inspire to be not just a good lawyer, but a good human being as well.

Best motivation is self-motivation. Always follow your head and never give up the struggle in the profession. You never know what’s knocking at your door.

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