“As a cyber security advocate, I strive to strengthen laws and policies to combat emerging threats and safeguard digital ecosystems.” – Media Persona and Legal Luminary Dr. Shruti Bist, Advocate-on-Record at the Supreme Court of India

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For our readers who might be encountering you for the first time,  could you share a bit about your journey in the legal profession and your  various roles in the realms of cyber law, corporate law, and advocacy? Also what made you choose law as your career. 

I am LLM in Corporate laws, I started my legal career as legal executive at  Thomson Reuters in 2015. I then shifted from Corporate to litigation and  worked with Seth associates under guidance of karnika Seth mam in field of  Cyber laws, arbitration and litigation .Then I joined AOR training under guidance  of Senior Advocate Supreme Court S Janani mam and started my independent  practice in Supreme Court from 2020 and qualified my AOR as well. I had  passion for law since the scope of law is very vast and also legal awareness  empowers women to exist with respect in society. 

In addition to your legal practice, you are actively involved in media  as a TV panellist and public speaker. How do you balance these different  roles, and how has being a media personality influenced your work in law  and advocacy? 

Yes I am a media panellist and have appeared on various legal issues and debates in DD  news, Republic Bharat, Zee News, TV 100, Nation live and others. I believe it’s also important for lawyers to increase awareness on legal issues to prevent crimes  from happening .We can balance our media work when we are free from court  hearings and being a media personality certainly adds on to your communication  skill and confidence . 

You are an international arbitrator and mediator accredited in  London and Singapore. How does international arbitration differ from  domestic cases, and what challenges and opportunities does it present? 

Yes I am an international arbitrator and mediator both and the work of International  mediation and arbitration certainly is more accountable since you have to  generate work for yourself and also meet International standards. In domestic  mediation matrimonial and commercial disputes are handled comfortably and are having good and huge scope to grow. The challenges of young lawyers entering  is high since big corporates prefer Singapore as base and also retired judges are  preferred as arbitrator hence new arbitrators find it tough. International arbitration is a new arena in India and Singapore leads. We look forward to improving  international arbitration in India as well. 

As the President of the National Cyber Security Council for Women’s  Indian Chamber and Commerce Industry, you play a key role in policy making for cyber laws. What are the most pressing cyber threats faced by  individuals and businesses today, and how can one stay vigilant in the digital  age? 

As president of the Cyber Security Council ,WICCI I actively forward  representations to PMO and various ministries for better implementation of cyber  laws in India. I worked on regulations of OTT platforms and drafting on  Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code Rules 2021. I believe  further amendment on Broadcasting Services (Regulation) Bill, 2023 is must and  provision of cable Tv Act and TRAI regulation to further make the regulations  of OTT platforms stringent is must .Cyber threats such AI crimes Deepfakes;  driverless vehicles as a weapon; tailored phishing; disrupting AI-controlled  systems; large-scale blackmail; AI-authored fake new s are latest threat and is  must to prevent . 

By going through news on various crimes happening and latest measures to  prevent crime available on google such as internet security, unique passwords etc  can help prevent crimes . 

Your expertise was sought during the drafting of Information  Technology (Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media Ethics Code Rules  2021. Can you share a bit about your role in shaping these regulations and  the key considerations that were addressed? 

Yes representation forwarded to the Ministry on adding Singapore based guidelines  on age gradation in content of programmes shown on OTT platform was accepted  and also the Writ filed before Supreme Court through our Council assisted in  regulation of further provision on Intermediary Guidelines And Digital Media  Ethics Code Rules 2021. 

Please Describe Work Of IEFCI And Also Your Roles As IEFCI  President.

The International Economic Forum of Commerce And Industry is one of the  leading business organizations, enabling business to secure peace, prosperity and  opportunity for all. IEFCI is the institutional representative of various leading companies across the globe. A non-government, not-for-profit organization, IEFCI is  the voice of international business and industry. From influencing policy to  encouraging debate, engaging with policy makers and civil society, IEFCI  articulates the views and concerns of industry. Our Mission is to make business  work for everyone, every day, everywhere. We provide networking forums for  Industries, Dispute resolution forum that includes international Court of Arbitration and Mediation, legal consultancy in cyber laws, corporate laws and  other legal issues, Policy forum, and various Online Courses to empower the  Entrepreneurs and professionals to learn better skills. 

As President and founder of Forum I have responsibility to appoint various people  to prestigious posts and also implement ideas across India through conferences  and seminars and coordinate with people apart from handling ADR and ODR  disputes. 

Please Explain About The International Council Of Artificial Intelligence,  Cyber Security, Research And Development (ICAI CARD) And Your Role As  Founder And President  

International Council Of Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Research and  development (ICAI CARD) is an umbrella organization that provides wide ambit of  AI and cyber security solutions to Industries and Government and also works  towards attaining goals on UN Sustainability. It’s an initiative of Shruti Bist Socio  Legal Foundation registered u/s S 8 of Company Act 2013 , Ministry of Corporate  Affairs ,India 

Our mission is to attain a high standard of AI and cybersecurity in the country and  attain sustainable development goals that require cyber peace and capacity  building for cyber resilient development. Technologies of 5G and AI (Artificial  Intelligence) have the potential to revolutionise a variety of industries, including  medicine, education, and agriculture. We have a dedicated team to research the latest AI related crimes and technology. Our mission is to provide cyber security  to Industries and government via legal and tech team and ensure Cyber Swachh  Bharat. 

As president of Council I am working towards attainment of our goals and  mission and make India Cyber safe. I am working designing innovative courses on AI and Cyber laws in collaboration with other Universities and also implementing innovative challenges in AI and Cyber laws to promote the professional skills and  campus recruitment in the field . 

In your extensive media appearances and speaking events, you’ve covered topics ranging from women’s rights to cybersecurity. Is there a  particular cause or issue that you are most passionate about, and why? 

Cybercrime related topics and other topics relating to women’s rights in property, Article 370, women’s role in politics and law are my keen areas of interest since it helps women empower themselves and also defend themselves from the latest  crimes happening to them.

You’ve received several awards, including the Virangana Award and  the Inspiring Citizens Award. Which recognition holds a special place in your  heart, and how have these accolades impacted your professional journey? 

Certainly the accolades assist in morale boost, social recognition and also inspires  us to work further towards attaining the goals of life . 

Being a prominent figure in the field of law, how do you unwind and  relax in your personal time? Any hobbies or activities that you find  particularly rejuvenating? 

I like writing Books, listening to music,Yoga, walking and cooking. Its mind refreshing activities. 

As someone deeply involved in legal education, having contributed to  conferences, e-books, and online courses, what advice do you have for law  students and young professionals looking to build a successful career in law?

I advise them to learn law and co relate various laws together in a way that when they read IPC they should also know the provision of CrPc and Evidence applicable and  join an internship to learn practical. Joining courses enhances skills they should learn  more through distance mode forums available it increases employability in  companies.

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