“Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities” – Adv Anjana Sharma, Founder of Anjana Law Offices

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Your journey from a small village in Bengal to becoming a leading figure in the legal industry is truly inspiring. Can you take us back to when you first started your law education and share some of the challenges you faced during those initial stages of your career? How did you overcome them, and what lessons did you learn along the way that have shaped your path to success today? 

Yes it’s always a difficult journey for everyone who hails from a small area with no opportunities, less exposures, no proper infrastructures and so was mine being  born in a Family where  providing best of educations to girl child ( specially in the legal field) and sending them to English Medium or even to  different cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Varanasi  etc  for getting Higher Education  was so very financially , socially difficult and challenging even for my parents that time.  Gratitude to them. Through sheer perseverance and determination, I’ve managed to carve out a path for myself in this profession. Visualisation, Full Commitments and love towards your work  Resilience and believing in your dreams can take you places. You don’t need to come from a family of lawyers to make it in this field 

Journey has  been filled with challenges and triumphs that I never could have imagined.  When Arjun asked for guidance, Krishna said the Gita. In it he went to the root of all conflict: the conflict between the human will and the divine will.  See the omniscient has the best plan for everything; When we willingly and intelligently play our part in His plan, we enjoy the fulfillment of love and the achievement of success and that’s what I am doing till date amidst all my challenges and conflicts in this life  Initially, my Father had this vision of me going into civil services or judiciary, but fate had other plans for me. When I  was in Delhi preparing for my UPSC my social passion  in my heart  that we are born on this earth for some purpose,  pulled me towards the law and appeared for the entrance and then did my LLB from Faculty of Law University of  Delhi.  The law faculty days were also  challenging at the same time they were a great life learning lessons from attending faculty classes, contesting Student Union Elections, attending Seminars,  conferences etc  in ISIL,   working with Professional Book Publishers , to  going to  learn basics  Tis Hazari Courts to Supreme Court of India  to gain practical knowledge. I remember it was difficult during those days to get internships in big law firms, with big dignatories in the legal arena as compared to now in this easy digitally approached world.  I was opposed and obstructed by many when I thought after completion of law  to start independently initially Anjana Law Offices from Delhi  many factors were there like  being underestimated ,no family background /generations also initial stage  who will give cases and how will  I manage finances and everything   but I just  went with the Flow as I believe in the Super Power who is there to guide and enlighten and make our path  we are not the doers everything is destined only we have to enlighten ourselves in such a way that we get that light which will show that path and we just have to walk on with our full  dedication by believing in ourselves. 

Journey as a first-generation and also a female  lawyer to face in a profession that was earlier dominated by men for so long  has been quite a rollercoaster ride 

 Initial struggle days were same like many first generation lawyers from starting with no work no money (not getting clients, cases,  initially with no office space, as it was hard to get one without money and somehow getting both ends meet) and many other issues   to reaching out to this level after 15 years I am living in gratitude always.  With Benedictions of God and well wishers and family we  have now expanded our wings. Deciding to have a law firm office in commercial city Mumbai in Maharashtra, that was also a whole different ball game.  I mean, grappling with a new language, dealing with financial constraints, and not having any family background in law—it was tough, to say the least. But I wasn’t about to let any of that hold me back. I dove headfirst into learning the language, worked tirelessly, often without even getting paid, and I made some incredible connections with fellow enthusiasts along the way.

As the founder of Anjana Law Offices, you’ve expanded your practice across multiple cities, recently launching a branch office in Chandigarh. What motivated you to establish such a widespread presence, and what challenges did you face along the way?

As someone who’s deeply connected to spirituality, I have this unwavering belief in the vastness of the world around us. It’s like echoing the timeless wisdom of Sanatan, where even the cosmos itself is in a perpetual state of expansion. I see myself as just a tiny part of this grand essence of Brahma, playing my role in the greater unfolding of things.

And speaking of expansion, our decision to grow Anjana Law Offices into multiple cities, including our recent branch in Chandigarh, wasn’t merely a strategic move. It was a deep commitment to providing top-notch legal services. Sure, we faced some hefty challenges along the way, like maintaining our high standards and navigating through complex regulations. But our expansion is fueled by a fierce determination to reach out to diverse communities and make a positive impact.

Through sheer perseverance and a steadfast dedication to our core values, we’ve managed to overcome these obstacles. It’s a testament to our unshakable commitment to ethical excellence in everything we do.

Your dedication to social causes, especially your work with senior citizens, women, children, and the differently-abled, is commendable. Can you tell us about a particularly impactful case or initiative where your legal expertise made a significant difference in the lives of those you’ve helped?

Our Constitution of India also ensures that  everyone regardless of their background or financial status has the ability to have their legal rights and grievances properly heard, represented and addressed. However despite its importance, access to justice for many people we see while practicing is a challenge altogether.   Role of lawyers is very important. I firmly believe in this quote “Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities”. 

In one of my recent case in  the Supreme Court  wherein it  held that the Sessions Court or High Court that would have the power to grant interim/transit anticipatory bail, when the FIR is not registered within the territory of a particular State but in a different State has not only impacted our client life but also will have an impact in many innocent people’s lives  Earlier different courts had different views on such issue but now after this judgment there is a clarity so far as this bail criminal jurisprudence is concerned.
At our office we also give time in helping people who are really needy  and are victims too to help them come out of their legal problems to the best of their capacity. Through our social projects we have been able to  help many needy people through law. Many times I have even faced threats to my life and limb. I am  grateful for having a great team who is my ALO Pariwar I call who always assists me wholeheartedly whether it be my social initiatives or may it be our corporate business commitments.  Well  there are many cases which  were landmark in  my and my firms growth  covering almost all spheres of laws and cannot be shared in details here  There is a  case which comes to my mind  where a  Senior Citizen  was admitted by children to a renowned Hospital for treatment,   she never had imagined that she would be lying there  for almost 8 months with no visible improvement in her health and also was a victim of medical negligence her health has only become worsen but somehow the hospital managed to rack up a bill of Rs more than 30  lakh  She left to the heavenly abode though but the legal entanglement faced by children is still going on and we are still fighting for her rights. As in medical negligence cases so far as our country is concerned  the fight is real tough the way we find the views of Courts recently MP High Court had quashed petition of medical negligence in case of three doctors, then Karnataka High Court quashed similar petition for want of expert opinion. One divyangjan who lost his life at a port trust his family  got compensation  Recently  I  fought for rights of a victim who was just 36 years old and  he was forced to burn himself alive  before the DSP office for not registering the FIR against culprits and he also had released a video. Beyond legal help we also tried to help him get blood and other requirements when he was admitted. Such cases involves lot of risk to life and limb as it’s a fight with the system is very challenging specially 

Your commitment to social engineering and providing pro bono legal services to the needy is remarkable. Could you share a story or experience that touched your heart and reinforced your belief in the power of law to bring about positive change in society?

Indeed Law is a powerful tool if effectively used to spread peace and humanity throughout. Well  at the end justice matters and lawyers are the  powerful social engineers who can bring great transformation to the society.  However though  in practice many times it is seen that justice is delayed however not denied. This happens because when we talk about rule of law and democracy there are wide gaps between policies and practical procedures and also lack of awareness of  basic laws  The Supreme Court of India has priorities and bolstered legal aid by forging a crucial link between Article 21 of the Indian Constitution and the right to free legal assistance, particularly highlighted in the Hussainara Khatoon v. State of Bihar case it was commitment to empower marginalized communities and enhance legal awareness, the Supreme Court established the Supreme Court Legal Services Committee also 

Well I remember one matter where  helping one girl child from Bihar  and her family trapped in a  false Child Labour Offence case is worth mentioning. I remember not sleeping for a couple of days when we were at this  project with goose bumps. It gave us practical hands-on experience with the darker side of an 94 year old NGO institution whose administration involved abusing physically, mentally and sexually abusing the children. It was a real tough legal battle where we used our  legal knowledge with par excellence and strategizing the case Well  the basic objective of the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986, was  to ban employment of children below the age of 14 years in factories, mines and hazardous employments, and to regulate the working conditions of children in other employments, however how  some syndicates are operating whereby genuine people are trapped also is a big question mark on the government , administration, policy and implementations system. 

Your authored book, “The Art of Managing Housing Society,” is a notable achievement. What inspired you to write this book, and could you provide us with an overview of its contents and the key insights it offers to readers, particularly those involved in housing society management? 

“The Art of Managing Housing Society” was inspired by the need to address the unique challenges faced by housing societies in India.  I was  involved in a few society matters where people came to me  to take legal help both from  management committee against their members and members against their management committee corruption exposures.During that time only I had taken a stay order against one management committee notification given to a third party  parking contractor. So I realized that people  are entangled in legal issues from various spheres and most of the cases occurred due to lack of legal knowledge  towards society’s laws. This book offers practical insights tailored to the Indian context, covering legal compliance, administrative best practices, financial management, conflict resolution, and community engagement. Readers gain practical guidance on effectively managing housing societies, promoting harmonious living environments, and fostering a sense of community. Through this resource, I aim to empower readers to navigate the complexities of housing society management and promote a culture of cooperation and well-being.

Having represented various high-profile clients, political figures, media professionals, and Bollywood personalities, among others, what are some key lessons you’ve learned about navigating the complexities of legal representation in such cases?

Representing high-profile clients, including political figures, media professionals, and Bollywood personalities, has provided me with valuable insights into navigating the complexities of legal representation in such cases.  Here are key lessons learned: Confidentiality: Strict adherence to privacy and discretion builds trust and credibility. Media Management: Clear communication strategies help shape public perception and protect the client’s reputation. Legal Strategy: Thorough analysis and strategic planning are essential for achieving favourable outcomes. Ethical Standards: Upholding professional ethics safeguards the lawyer-client relationship and the integrity of the legal process. Effective Communication: Transparent communication fosters trust and collaboration between the legal team and the client. Crisis Management: Swift action and proactive planning are crucial for mitigating potential damage. Collaborative Approach: Leveraging diverse expertise ensures comprehensive support tailored to the client’s needs

As someone who has conducted numerous workshops and training sessions on law and legal awareness, what do you think are the most pressing legal issues facing society today, and how can individuals contribute to addressing them?

Here are the most pressing legal issues facing society today and how individuals can contribute to addressing them: Access to Justice: Many face barriers in accessing legal services. Individuals can support legal aid organizations and advocate for equal access to justice for all. Discrimination and Gender-Based Violence: Promoting awareness of laws against discrimination and gender-based violence and supporting initiatives that address these issues are crucial steps in protecting human rights. Environmental Protection: Advocating for stronger environmental regulations and supporting conservation efforts can help address environmental challenges such as climate change and pollution. Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: Increasing awareness of online risks and advocating for robust data protection laws are essential in safeguarding individuals’ privacy and security in the digital age. Criminal Justice Reform: Supporting efforts to address systemic inequalities in the criminal justice system, advocating for police accountability, and promoting restorative justice practices are vital for reform. By educating themselves, supporting advocacy efforts, engaging in legal advocacy, and promoting dialogue and collaboration, individuals can contribute to addressing these pressing legal issues and promoting justice and equality  in society.

You’ve been recognized for your persuasive communication skills and spiritual quotient. How do you incorporate spirituality into your legal practice, and how does it influence your approach to advocacy and mentorship?

Incorporating spirituality into my legal practice is integral to my approach to advocacy and mentorship. As someone who practices yoga and pranayama techniques and reads spiritual philosophy, I prioritize maintaining a clear head, good health, and spiritual wellbeing. These practices help me rise above stress and short-term thinking, allowing me to approach legal matters with a calm and centered mindset. Spirituality influences my advocacy by fostering empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of human nature. I strive to connect with clients on a deeper level, recognizing their inherent dignity and worth. This approach enables me to advocate for their rights and interests with authenticity and conviction, seeking outcomes that align with principles of justice and fairness. In mentorship, spirituality guides my interactions with aspiring legal professionals. I emphasize the importance of integrity, ethical conduct, and mindfulness in their legal practice. Through mentorship, I encourage them to cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning in their work, empowering them to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Overall, spirituality infuses my legal practice with a sense of purpose, mindfulness, and compassion. By integrating yoga and pranayama techniques into my daily routine and engaging with spiritual philosophy, I strive to maintain balance, clarity, and spiritual well-being, enriching both my professional and personal life. 

Apart from your impactful work in the legal field and your dedication to social causes, what activities or hobbies bring you joy and relaxation outside of your professional life? How do you unwind and recharge after a busy day of advocating for justice and supporting those in need?

Outside of my demanding professional life, finding time for relaxation and rejuvenation is crucial. Though my schedule leaves me with limited free time, I prioritize spending quality moments with my loved ones which brings me immense joy and provides a sense of balance amidst the demands of my work. Additionally, I find solace and fulfillment in pursuing my personal interests, even within the realm of law. I devote time to reading legal texts out of my own volition, continuously seeking to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the field. Furthermore, I am drawn to Indian spiritual and philosophical texts, which offer profound insights and nourishment for the soul. Engaging with these texts not only enriches my spiritual journey but also provides a source of inspiration and perspective beyond the realm of law. In essence, while my professional commitments are demanding, I prioritize finding moments of relaxation and enrichment outside of work. Whether spending time with loved ones, delving into legal literature, or exploring spiritual texts, these activities allow me to unwind, recharge, and find fulfillment beyond the courtroom.  

Your dedication to mentoring youth and first-generation lawyers is commendable. Can you share a piece of advice or a mantra that has guided you throughout your career and that you pass on to those you mentor?

For young juniors entering the field of law, trust, confidentiality, patience and diligence are paramount. In advocacy your good behaviour and your communication skills  also matters as people who come to you to seek justice are already in trouble.  Working under a seasoned senior provides invaluable guidance and a platform for learning. Curiosity about the ever-evolving landscape of law is essential, especially in the face of advancing AI technologies and the consequential social and political shifts. Developing strong drafting skills begins with being a voracious reader. Reading extensively about law and related subjects not only enhances knowledge but also hones the ability to craft articulate arguments and documents. With the convenience and accessibility of e-books and smartphones, there’s never been a better time to cultivate a habit of reading. I believe big dreams become pure only after overcoming big difficulties. This is the truth. There is never a shortcut to anything in life. It is necessary to apply it with the spirit of human welfare Your company also matters with whom you sit, it is very important that intention is important, with what intention you are doing the work, it is necessary to surrender to the Master all your acts, be spiritually dedicated towards your work , make it your love  and worship, only then will you  get a stable success and blessings will pour like anything in all  forms  no matter what you do, he will always be with you.

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