“In law and in life, embracing every opportunity for learning and mentorship is the compass that guides you towards success.” – Raghunath Peter Doraisamy, Managing Partner at PDLegal LLC Advocates & Solicitors.

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With 25 years of extensive practice in law, you’ve built an impressive career as the Managing Partner of PDLegal LLC. Can you share a bit about your journey from college days and struggles you faced during that time and what motivated you to establish your own law firm?

My journey in law began with a deep-rooted passion for justice and advocacy, nurtured during my university days. This drive, coupled with extensive experience gained over the years, led me to establish PDLegal LLC. My goal was to create a firm that embodies a blend of personalized, partner-level service with efficiency and cost-effectiveness, addressing the evolving needs of our clients.  

Your areas of expertise range from Maritime and Shipping to International Trade, among others. What drew you to specialize in these particular fields, and how have they evolved over the course of your career?

My inclination towards Maritime, Shipping, and International Trade law stemmed from recognizing the dynamic and globally interconnected nature of these fields. These areas are not only pivotal to global commerce but also constantly evolving, presenting unique legal challenges and opportunities. Over my career, I’ve witnessed and adapted to significant changes in these sectors, ensuring that our firm stays at the forefront of legal expertise and innovation.

Having been recognized by leading legal directories like Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, what do you consider to be the key factors that contribute to your success as a litigation and arbitration counsel?

The key factors that have contributed to my success in litigation and arbitration include a relentless commitment to excellence, a strategic approach to each case, and a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. Recognition by leading legal directories like Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners reflects our firm’s dedication to delivering high-quality legal services and our ability to achieve favourable outcomes for our clients.

PDLegal LLC has a strong regional presence with offices in Singapore and Bangkok. How does the firm adapt to the legal landscape in different regions, and what challenges and opportunities does this bring to your practice?

Adapting to the legal landscapes in Singapore and Bangkok involves a keen understanding of regional legal nuances and cultural sensitivities. Our firm leverages its strong regional presence to offer tailored legal solutions. The challenge lies in navigating diverse legal systems and market dynamics, but it also presents opportunities for cross-border collaboration and expanding our expertise in international law.

Your practice involves both contentious and non-contentious matters. How do you balance being a trusted business advisor for non-contentious issues like joint ventures and mergers while also navigating complex litigation matters?

The key to balancing both contentious and non-contentious matters lies in versatility and deep legal acumen. For non-contentious issues like joint ventures and mergers, I focus on being a strategic advisor, ensuring due diligence and foresight. In complex litigation, my approach is more dynamic, with an emphasis on thorough preparation and robust advocacy. This dual role requires adaptability and a deep understanding of our clients’ diverse needs.

With your background in Maritime Law, how do you perceive the future of the maritime industry, especially considering the advancements in technology and environmental considerations?

The maritime industry is poised for significant transformation, driven by technological advancements and environmental considerations. As we move towards more sustainable practices, I foresee increased adoption of stricter environmental regulations. 

Given the recent advancements in technology, there’s a notable shift towards automation in shipping operations. How do you see this trend impacting the maritime industry, and what legal considerations or challenges might arise as a result of increased automation in shipping processes?

Automation in shipping marks a revolutionary shift, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. However, it also introduces legal challenges, particularly in terms of liability, regulatory compliance, and cybersecurity. As the industry adapts to these changes, our role is to guide clients through this legal landscape, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve.

As someone deeply involved in pro bono legal services, can you share a rewarding experience or a case where your involvement made a positive impact on the community you serve?

We do a number of pro bono cases through the Law Society of Singapore Pro Bono Services (“LSSPBS”).

Beyond your professional achievements, what are some personal hobbies or interests that you indulge in to unwind from the demands of the legal profession?

To unwind from the demands of the legal profession, I enjoy watching football. I am an avid Manchester United fan.  

Given your extensive experience and success, what advice would you offer to college students or young professionals on how they can make the most of their college days and choose meaningful internships to pave the way for a successful legal career?

For university students and young professionals, my advice is to embrace every learning opportunity, whether in academics or internships. Focus on building a strong foundation in legal principles while also developing soft skills like communication and problem-solving. Networking and mentorship are invaluable; seek connections that inspire and guide you towards your career goals.

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