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“It’s not just about legal knowledge; it’s about fostering a sense of dignity, self-worth, and the belief that they deserve justice” – From Courtroom to Community: The Inspirational Journey of Advocate Trishla Malik, Director, AmicusLegal Consultancy

This interview has been published by Namrata Singh and The SuperLawyer Team

Your journey reflects a unique blend of legal excellence and entrepreneurship. As a first-generation advocate, how did you decide to carry forward the legacy of your late grandfather, an Honorable District Judge, and establish Amicus Legal Firm and Consultancy LLP?

I am a follower of law and so was my Nanaji, but with a prolonged illness of dementia and then his demise, my Grandfather left me to forego my legal career as my journey. To which I took it as a challenge and A will to serve the nation through the law. This gave me a vision to enact and carry forward the legacy of law through a different medium which included both entrepreneurship and Advocacy. My entrepreneurial spirit craved innovation, a desire to bridge the gap between legal acumen and real-world solutions. It was then that Amicus Legal Firm & Consultancy LLP took shape in 2019, with my Partner Amol Chitravanshi AOR– a firm built on the unwavering principles of legal excellence, infused with the dynamism and client-centricity of a modern consultancy. We registered our offices in Delhi NCR and commenced our journey of Advocacy in Supreme Court litigation and other country courts. Things come up as challenges when you become a First Generation Advocate, but at the same time makes us proud to be going strong at this young age of not even 30 yrs. Each challenge makes us stronger and much more learned than before, so now we become some of the few law firms in the country delivering legal services beyond the courtrooms. AmicusLegal Consultancy LLP isn’t just about winning cases; it’s about forging partnerships with clients, understanding their needs, and crafting custom-tailored solutions. We go beyond legal counsel, offering strategic guidance, risk management expertise, and proactive solutions to navigate the complexities of the legal landscape. 

Beyond your legal practice, you’re the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Amicus Legal Firm and Consultancy LLP. What led you to venture into entrepreneurship, and how do you balance your roles as an advocate and a business leader?

It is not wrong to say that the legal profession is not easy for females. There is a hustle every day. During the initial years, I faced a lot of bias from my seniors who through different means let my motivation down. Especially in States like Uttarakhand, UP and Delhi, the mindset of Seniors is not very progressive for Women lawyers, especially those with no background from the same industry. But this did not stop me, this gave me the motivation to have an enterprise of my own. While advocating for clients in a court filled me with purpose, a part of me craved the challenge of building something, of shaping a space where legal expertise could transcend the confines of traditional practice and truly empower clients. This dream came true, when I and my firm’s Co-Founder Amol Chitravanshi Advocate -on- Record (AOR), who was my batch mate in law school, decided to have a law firm of our own. This was a very challenging journey for both of us, as we both do not belong to the family of advocates in fact both-of us were first-generation lawyers but together came up with a goal of a new-generation law firm in India, which was not just stick to court works but aimed in delivering all kind of legal services to the society. In a short span of 4 years we could achieve, make our presence in elite cases across the High Courts and the honorable Supreme Court. 

My motivation is my will to deliver the society through law which helps me keep creating a balance in practical approach and legalities in the society. My journey of becoming woman entrepreneur and balancing roles as an Entrepreneur and Advocate could not have been possible without the support of family, close friends, efforts of my Team at the workplace and especially My Partner Adv Amol Chitravanshi, as we worked towards a common goal of uplifting the society and a positive and a constant vision of uplifting the legal industry and giving it a new face. AmicusLegal allows me to extend my impact beyond individual cases, shaping a legal landscape where accessibility, innovation, and client empowerment take centre stage. And that, for me, is the true reward – the satisfaction of building a legacy that extends far beyond the walls of the courtroom.

Being a certified and recognized woman entrepreneur, you’ve achieved certifications from IIM Bangalore and the National Commission for Women. How has your entrepreneurial spirit influenced your approach to practising law, and what challenges have you encountered as a woman entrepreneur in the legal industry?

It was challenging to understand the essentials of growth for women at a workspace, due to a patriarchal society.  women, though being talented, have been somehow suppressed over the years. But It was in 2021, luckily I got an opportunity to enrich my expertise when the very first time Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in collaboration with the National women commission of India conducted A Women’s entrepreneurship Course, in which I was selected on merit and was offered a fully funded course after which I was entitled with the tag of woman entrepreneur by IIMBx. The impact of this course from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore was crucial for me as a female entrepreneur, I was able to recognise the importance of women entrepreneurs in India not only on the social front but also on the economic front for the country. I was inspired by all the women who were actively participating in different fields which also helped me have a vision of a clear progressive career ahead in life and face different challenges that women go through in their daily lives, but the course helped me enrich my self-belief and confidence. The legal industry, like many others, is not devoid of its gendered challenges. Being a woman entrepreneur in this space has meant navigating. After this, not only did I train women for their entrepreneurship journey but I also awarded them with certification which was of utmost importance to them and their career ahead.

The journey hasn’t been easy, but it has been deeply rewarding. I’ve learned to navigate the intricate dance between advocating for my clients in the courtroom and leading a dynamic legal firm. Through it all, I’ve remained committed to empowering other women entrepreneurs and redefining what it means to be a successful woman in the legal field. This educational qualification also helped me to understand the challenges as a women entrepreneur in India especially in the legal industry where even today there is a lack of professionalism and gender bias when it comes to female advocates, but evolving each day helped me achieve the desired goals over the time and the journey is still on.

Apart from your legal pursuits, you are a national medalist in pistol shooting and a certified mountaineer. How do sports and outdoor activities contribute to your personal and professional life? How has this experience influenced your approach to challenges, both in your professional and personal life?

I have been a believer and promoter of sports all my life. The world of sports and outdoor activities offers me a different terrain for challenge, growth, and a unique perspective on overcoming obstacles. My national medal in pistol shooting and experiences as a certified mountaineer has instilled in me qualities that extend far beyond the physical feats, shaping both my personal and professional life in profound ways. They equip me with the resilience, adaptability, focus, and leadership skills that empower me to navigate the challenges of the legal world with greater confidence and a sharper perspective. They remind me to celebrate the journey, find solace in the stillness, and approach every obstacle with the unwavering spirit of a mountain climber, always aiming for the summit, be it in the courtroom or on the next personal Everest. And in this ongoing journey, the lessons learned on the shooting range and the slopes of the mountains or in any field will forever remain my compass, guiding me towards a future of success, fulfilment, and, most importantly, a relentless pursuit of the next peak, both in the courtroom and in life.
Your involvement with Apoorvarambh Foundation and various NGOs showcases your commitment to social causes. Could you share a memorable experience or initiative that had a significant impact on the lives of individuals or communities you’ve worked with

My commitment to social causes finds expression through my collaborations with the Apoorvarambh Foundation and various NGOs, allowing me to use my legal expertise to make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. One such experience, etched forever in my memory, resonates with the transformative power of law intertwined with social service. 

I have been actively involved in Prisoners’ Rights and activism through it. Not just ensuring Mental health and value for life, we also conduct different types of literacy events, entertainment events etc to make them feel connected to life and living. Apart from this, I encountered a community grappling with the aftermath of cybercrime, Child Sexual Offences, Youth Development, and Education etc., Young lives were devastated by both online and offline stalking, financial fraud, and the emotional scars of abuse. Witnessing their despair ignited a fire within me, a determination to utilize my legal knowledge to empower them. We identified cases where individuals had been physically or emotionally traumatized. Under my NGO we undergo various disciplines of education and provide wholesome education for living eg. Mental health precautions, financial security, Hygiene, Adolescent Development, Art and Culture awareness, Career guidance etc. I took the cases pro bono, navigating the complexities of crime legislation and fighting for compensation and accountability against perpetrators. We also conducted awareness sessions and literacy sessions in Rural India, helping them give some value addition to life and empowering individuals to navigate the complexities of the world around them. 

One of my such experiences was when a minor girl was sexually assaulted and her Miss-fortune was that her mother was not able to support and fight with her for her justice. It was then that we stood and fought to the best of the US and provided justice to that family and that minor girl. To which, I under Apoorvarambh Foundation NGO have made a short film on Child Sexual Offences which is around the corner to be telecasted soon. 

As a legal educationist and awareness trainer, specializing in POCSO and Juvenile Justice, how do you approach educating underprivileged women and children on legal matters, and what motivates you to contribute to their empowerment?

It’s not just about legal knowledge; it’s about fostering a sense of dignity, self-worth, and the belief that they deserve justice. Through education and awareness, I hope to contribute to a society where underprivileged women and children are not just protected by the law, but empowered to claim their rightful place and live lives free from abuse and injustice. As a legal educationist and awareness trainer specializing in POCSO and Juvenile Justice, my approach to educating underprivileged women and children on legal matters is built on understanding and empowerment.  I try and simplify complex concepts using local languages, everyday examples, and interactive activities. Storytelling, role-playing, and visuals become powerful tools to demystify laws and empower individuals to recognize their rights. I work closely with NGOs, community leaders, and local authorities to raise awareness, create referral networks, and ensure access to essential legal and psychosocial support services. 

My motivation? Witnessing the spark of understanding in a child’s eyes, the newfound confidence in a woman’s voice, or the courage of a survivor seeking justice – these are my rewards. Knowing that my work empowers individuals to navigate complex legal systems, access their rights, and seek redressal fuels my passion to keep doing more. 

Your media presence is notable, with appearances on national platforms, national media and news channels.” How do you use these platforms to bring attention to important social issues, and what topics do you find most crucial for public discourse, through being in the legal industry? 

The legal industry isn’t just about interpreting statutes and winning cases. It’s a powerful platform for advocating for societal change and championing vulnerable communities. My national media presence has become a valuable tool in this mission, allowing me to amplify crucial social issues and spark actionable conversations. Not just my episodes of “Reality check with Adv Trishla Malik” on Facebook, but my inputs on National Media like Times of India, News18, Amar Ujala, Sahara Samay, Bharat Express etc, gravitate towards areas where access to justice is skewed and public awareness can bridge the gap. I use these platforms to demystify the legal system, making it more approachable and empowering for the public.

Championing ethical practices in the society. The legal profession isn’t immune to ethical lapses. I use my media voice to hold the legal system accountable, highlight issues like corruption or judicial bias, and advocate for reforms that uphold the integrity of the justice system. This is what drives me to keep using my platform as a lawyer and media figure – to ensure that the law doesn’t just serve the privileged few, but becomes a tool for empowerment and a catalyst for positive change for all.

You’ve been recognized with numerous awards, including the Professional Excellence Award by FICCI Ladies Organisation. What achievements are you particularly proud of, and how do these accolades motivate you in your multifaceted career?

Ans. I have been an achiever since a very young age not just in academics but I have been a national medalist in sports and have won multiple awards in all aspects of life. In a profession as demanding and competitive as the legal field, recognition isn’t just an honor; it’s a vital source of fuel for the long journey towards justice. While I’m humbled to receive multiple accolades like the prestigious Uttarakhand State Achiever award, the Women Influence Award by multiple organisations, International Medals, the Professional Excellence Award by FICCI Ladies Organisation etc., true pride lies in the tangible impact my work has on communities and individuals. But foremost, Witnessing the relief and empowerment in the eyes of a client who finally found justice after years of fighting against abuse is a feeling and accolade unmatched. My professional fulfilment doesn’t stem from awards, but from the privilege of witnessing lives transformed and justice served. Every case taken and every case won, every policy reform achieved, every community empowered through legal awareness – these are the real treasures, the true markers of success in a multifaceted legal career.

Having received national recognition and awards for your socio-legal awareness training, what advice do you have for young lawyers aspiring to make a positive impact on society beyond their legal practice? 

My national recognition for socio-legal awareness training highlights a crucial truth: a lawyer’s impact can extend far beyond the courtroom. For young lawyers passionate about making a positive change, here are some nuggets of wisdom gleaned from my journey:

  1. Champion a Cause: Find a cause close to your heart, something that ignites your passion and compels you to act. Immerse yourself in the issue, connect with grassroots organizations, and understand the legal landscape surrounding it.
  • Advocate Beyond the Courtroom: Public education is key to driving societal change. Organize workshops, participate in panel discussions, or write articles raising awareness about your chosen cause. Use your legal knowledge to break down complex issues into digestible chunks for the public, empowering them to advocate for themselves and their communities.
  • Practice Self-Care: Advocacy can be a demanding journey. Prioritise your well-being by setting boundaries, managing stress, and seeking support from your network. Remember, a burnt-out advocate cannot create sustainable change.
  • Celebrate Small Wins: Don’t wait for landmark victories to celebrate. Acknowledge the incremental progress, the lives touched, and the voices amplified. Every step you take, every positive change you achieve, is a testament to your commitment to making a difference.

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