“Law is an instrument of socio-economic change for me. Being an Advocate is both a privilege and responsibility.” – Aditya Singh, Founder and Chairman of Alexis Group

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Aditya, looking back at the start of your career, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced, and how did you overcome them? Could you share a bit about your journey from your early days to where you are now?

I am a first generation Advocate and lifelong student of law. I transitioned from management consulting to law in my late twenties. At the start of my career, some of the biggest challenges were uncertainty about career direction, lack of social networks within the legal profession, moral and ethical dilemmas, cultural and social barriers, facing rejection from potential clients, getting a fair remuneration, and difficulty in building the personal brand. 

To overcome these challenges, I started seeking guidance and mentorship from seniors at the Bar, gaining practical experience by assisting them in a variety of matters, exploring different industries, prioritizing time management, viewing rejection as a learning opportunity, engaging in networking activities, pursuing continuous learning, and remaining adaptable to change.

I believe that by persevering, staying resilient, and embracing opportunities for growth and development, I am navigating through these challenges and progressing in my career. 

Now, I am working on a wide variety of matters in civil, criminal, commercial, constitutional, corporate, service/employment, and labour & industrial relations domains. My focus is on corporate advisory, dispute resolution, governance and compliances, research and analysis, and legal awareness and education. I also serve as a Legal Advisor or Empanelled Advocate for various companies, firms, and organisations such as the Vodafone Idea Limited, Docland Services Limited, and Uttar Pradesh Kabaddi Association to name a few. 

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Could you tell us more about Alexis Law? What kind of work does the law firm undertake, and how do you leverage its resources and network to drive your initiatives in legal practice, public policy, and youth empowerment?

Alexis Law is a full-service law firm based out of Lucknow. The firm offers wide range of legal services, spanning arbitration and mediation, litigation, corporate advisory, policy advocacy, and more. Leveraging its resources and networks, the firm undertakes pro bono work and community engagement efforts, such as legal clinics, legal awareness camps, and educational seminars. Furthermore, the firm supports youth empowerment initiatives by offering internships, and mentorship programs, thereby promoting diversity in the legal profession. 

Please tell us about your latest initiative – Alexis Legal? What is your vision for this initiative?

Alexis Legal is a global alliance of legal and dispute resolution professionals. Our team includes leading advocates, consultants, chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants, and insolvency professionals.

It is a values driven and membership based organization built on the principles of equity, fairness, and trust. Our core values are Integrity, Excellence, Commitment To Justice, and Continued Innovation.

This alliance is a one of its kind professional development platform for enhancing the income and impact of legal professionals by improving their discovery and expanding their expertise, practice areas, and jurisdictions.

As an advocate and consultant, you’ve been involved in various legal matters across different jurisdictions. Can you share a memorable experience or case that has shaped your perspective on the legal profession and advocacy?

Law is an instrument of socio-economic change for me. Being an Advocate is both a privilege and responsibility. I have joined this noble profession for advancing social justice, protecting human rights, and fostering positive change at both the individual and systemic levels.

In a recent case argued by me, Hon’ble High Court of Judicature at Allahabad, Lucknow Bench observed that True Love Between Adolescents Can’t Be Controlled Through Rigours of Law or State Action in its reportable judgement.

It was a case of inter-caste love marriage which turned into an ugly legal battle as the family members of the girl lodged criminal complaints against the boy and his family members. The case was of technical nature due to various stringent sections of IPC and POCSO Acts.

After dealing the case on technical and maintainability grounds, I presented three crystallised arguments, (a) Love knows no caste boundaries, (b) Romantic relationships between consenting adolescents must not be viewed as criminal acts mechanically, and (c) Happiness and well-being of an innocent couple and their children needs to be protected by the Hon’ble Court using its inherent powers u/s 482 Cr.PC. to uphold rule of law in the society.

Hon’ble Court graciously allowed the application by accepting our submissions along with relevant judgements and quashed all the criminal proceedings.

In this case, my team could secure relief for the client and his family in an 11-year-old case. Overall, it was a very fulfilling experience. 

You’ve been involved in initiatives related to the environment and climate change. How do you see the role of law and advocacy in addressing these pressing global challenges, especially from the perspective of youth engagement?

Law and advocacy play a vital role in addressing global environmental challenges, with youth engagement serving as a catalyst for positive change. Through policy advocacy, young people can push for the development and implementation of sustainable legislation at various levels of governance. Additionally, they can utilize litigation and legal action to hold governments and corporations accountable for environmental harm, demanding justice for affected communities and action on climate change. By raising public awareness and promoting education, youth-led initiatives can mobilize communities to adopt sustainable practices and advocate for environmental solutions. 

I firmly believe that innovation and collaboration are fostered through interdisciplinary approaches, technology, and creative solutions, driving systemic change in environmental policy and practices. Furthermore, youth engagement in international forums like the United Nations Climate Change Conferences amplifies their voices on a global scale, fostering solidarity and cooperation in addressing shared environmental challenges. 

Overall, law and advocacy provide a powerful platform for youth to effect positive change, shaping a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come. Through strategic engagement in legal and advocacy efforts, young people can play a pivotal role in driving forward the global environmental agenda and promoting a healthier planet for all.

Your participation in the UN Water Conference in New York and the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai is quite remarkable. What insights or learnings did you take away from these global platforms, and how do you bring them back to your work in India?

Last year, I got the opportunity to participate in the UN Water Conference in New York and the UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai as a representative of the Alexis Foundation.

The 2023 UN Water Conference was held at the UN Headquarters in New York. I led a 7-member delegation and hosted an official side event on the topic – Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Blue Economy through Water Action, Cooperation and Youth Engagement at the conference. 

During this conference, I gained a deeper understanding of the global water crisis and the importance of collaborative efforts to address water scarcity, pollution, and access issues. Learning about innovative solutions and best practices from around the world has inspired me to advocate for more sustainable water management practices in India. I have incorporated these insights into my work by promoting water conservation, supporting community-led initiatives, and advocating for policies that prioritize equitable access to clean water for all.

On the side-lines of this conference, I also met several dignitaries from around the world and Indian leaders and diplomats such as the Hon’ble Minister of Jal Shakti, Government of India, Permanent Representative of India to the United Nations, and Consul General of India, New York.

The 2023 UN Climate Change Conference was held at the Expo City in Dubai. I led a 5-member delegation to the conference and Alexis Foundation was admitted as an Observer to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. This conference offered me valuable perspectives on the urgency of addressing climate change and the need for ambitious, collective action at both the global and local levels.

Witnessing the global dialogue and negotiations first-hand reinforced the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and stakeholder engagement in tackling climate-related challenges. I have leveraged these insights to advocate for climate resilience measures, renewable energy adoption, and sustainable development policies in India. Additionally, I am working to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on vulnerable communities and promote climate justice principles in my advocacy efforts.

Overall, my experiences at these global platforms have deepened my commitment to addressing pressing environmental issues and advancing sustainable development goals in India. By applying the insights and learnings gained from these conferences to my work, I strive to contribute to positive change and empower communities to build a more resilient and equitable future for all.

Your journey includes several prestigious fellowships and certifications. How have these experiences contributed to your personal and professional growth, and what role do you see continuous learning playing in your career?

My journey has been instrumental in shaping both my personal and professional growth. These experiences have provided invaluable opportunities for networking, mentorship, and exposure to diverse perspectives, all of which have enriched my understanding of the field of law and expanded my skill set.

Participating in prestigious fellowships has allowed me to engage with leaders and experts, fostering mentorship relationships that have provided guidance and support in navigating complex professional challenges. These experiences have also exposed me to innovative ideas and approaches, pushing me to think creatively and critically about my work.

Moreover, earning certifications has demonstrated my commitment to excellence and expertise in specific areas of interest such as Arbitration and Mediation, Constitutional Law, White Collar Crimes, Intellectual Property Law, Technology Law, and Right to Information. These credentials have enhanced my credibility and opened doors to new opportunities for career advancement and impact.

Continuous learning is essential for staying relevant and effective in any career, but particularly in the ever-evolving field of law. Embracing a mindset of lifelong learning enables me to adapt to changing trends and technologies, deepen my expertise, and remain at the forefront of innovation. Moreover, it allows me to constantly refine my skills, broaden my knowledge base, and drive meaningful progress in my career.

In essence, my journey through prestigious fellowships and certifications has underscored the importance of continuous learning in my career. By embracing opportunities for growth and development, I have become better equipped to navigate the complexities of the legal field, contribute to meaningful change, and achieve my professional goals.

Given your background in both law and management, what approach do you employ to drive innovation and strategic thinking within your legal practice and social impact initiatives?

As someone who has navigated the intersection of law and management, I have integrated Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) efforts into the firm’s strategy and operations and recommend the same to my clients and partner organizations.

In legal practice, innovation means adapting to client needs. Therefore, Alexis Law has embraced technology to streamline processes, and enhance client experiences. Our team members embody the values of empathy, integrity, commitment to justice and continued innovation.

To sum up, my approach combines legal acumen, management principles, and a commitment to positive change.

When you’re not immersed in your professional endeavours, how do you like to unwind and recharge? Any hobbies or interests you’d like to share with our readers? 

I am a firm believer in the philosophy of work-life integration. To unwind and recharge, I take short vacations every quarter and travel around the countryside in India and around the world. As a spiritual and religious person who loves nature, history, art and culture, I prefer to visit ancient temples, forts, palaces, museums and art galleries. My hobbies are photography, numismatics (collecting coins and notes), and philately (collecting stamps).

What advice would you give to the current generation looking to pursue a career in law or advocacy, considering the evolving landscape of legal practice and social issues?

For those aspiring to pursue a career in law or advocacy, it’s crucial to stay informed on legal trends, policy changes, and social issues, developing strong communication and critical thinking skills, and embracing technology. I believe that building a professional network, prioritizing ethics, and remaining adaptable and resilient are essential for success in the evolving legal landscape. 

Furthermore, practical experience through internships and clerkships is invaluable, as is focusing on social impact and contributing positively to the society. Last but not the least, it’s imperative to prioritize self-care and well-being to sustain a fulfilling career amidst the demands of the legal profession. 

Overall, aspiring legal professionals must strive for a combination of knowledge, skills, ethical integrity, adaptability, resilience and a commitment to making a difference in the society.

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