“One must be passionate about their work. If law is something, that you are passionate about, I am sure that everything else will follow” – An illuminating interview with Saurabh Bindal, Partner at Fox Mandal & Associates LLP

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Could you introduce yourself and share a brief overview of your journey from college to becoming a Partner at Fox Mandal & Associates LLP?

I am Saurabh Bindal, a Partner at Fox Mandal & Associates LLP, heading the Disputes and Litigation practice of the Firm in Delhi. I did my Engineering and thereafter, decided to pursue Law from the reputed Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. Thereafter, I started practicing in a reputed Intellectual Property Law Firm in National Capital Region. After a short stint at the Firm, I realized my calling to be a litigation and disputes Lawyer. Subsequently, I have worked with different Law Firms in the past in various capabilities.

In my current role, I render dispute resolution support to clients on issues relating to Arbitration law, Intellectual Property law, Privacy law, Information Technology law, Constitution, Company Law, Contract Law, Employment Law, Electricity Law, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

I have eight books to my name and several publications in leading journals. I like to speak on different facets of law and have had the opportunity to represent my clients in different forums, in India and abroad.

With significant experience in diverse areas of law, including Arbitration, Intellectual Property, and Employment Law, what inspired you to pursue such a multifaceted legal career?

Well, you know, I firmly believe that the practice of law is based on continuous learning. I try to learn each day. The inspiration to learn is something that keeps me motivated in life. I have worked on different facets of law as that motivates me to grow. One must find a purpose in life. For me, I tend to believe now that my purpose was in the practice of law. Once, you start practicing law, you must be internally inspired to keep the channels of learning open.

As a Partner at Fox Mandal & Associates LLP, you lead the Alternate Dispute Resolution and Litigation practice. Could you share some insights into the challenges and successes you’ve encountered in this role?

The role I am currently engaged in is quite challenging. Each day there are new hurdles, and you have no other option but to live it up to them. As a leader, one must take everything as a part and parcel of life. In life, your failures become your teachers and your success your enemy. I believe it will be very difficult to point out every challenge faced by an individual in her or his role. However, after some point of time, with one’s hard work, every challenge a person faces in life sometimes becomes an opportunity to strive forward. The only insight I could share with the challenges faced by me in my role is that each challenge has taught me new ways to live a meaningful life.

Aside from being a legal expert, you’re also an author, having written several books on intellectual property law, arbitration law, and privacy law. What inspired you to delve into writing, and how does it complement your legal practice?

The person who brought me pen and paper was Dr Uday Shankar, a Professor at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. It was he who asked me to assist him with a submission. When I look back, I give all the credit in my writing to him for his patience with me. He has been my friend, philosopher, and guide.

I would also like to give credit for my writing to Eastern Book Company. Eastern Book family, and more particularly Mr. Sumeet Malik has been very kind in holding my hands. Majorly, all my books are thoroughly reviewed by him personally and he has contributed much to my life.

You’ve been recognized as an expert public speaker. What’s your favorite topic to speak about, and do you have any memorable experiences or anecdotes from your speaking engagements that you’d like to share?

Like the practice of law, public speaking is also a lifetime learning experience. The more you do it, the more you learn about engaging the audience. I have been constantly trying to master the art. Each event I speak at, makes me realize that speaking in public is also an art, at which, I am just a novice.

Having worked with various law firms, including Desai & Diwanji and Singhania & Partners, what lessons have you learned throughout your career, and how have these experiences shaped your approach to legal practice?

I have only learnt that your hard work will get recognized in life. You will always have people around you to pray for you in life, if you are good. I have always maintained good relationships with every Firm I have left. It is a very important learning in life. This has certainly helped me in shaping my legal practice. A legal practitioner must deal with different clients and as an officer of the Court must assist the Court. I believe, my experiences in life have taught me how to interact with clients and make a long-lasting relationship with them. My work in all the past firms has also taught me that it is only your work which will define you.

Apart from your legal expertise, your profile mentions that you are an insightful writer. When you’re not writing legal pieces, do you have any personal writing projects or genres you enjoy exploring in your free time?

Frankly speaking, I used to read a lot of fiction. Lately, I don’t get time to read fiction and that is something that I miss.

As a lawyer with a keen interest in technology, what’s your take on the evolving landscape of privacy and data protection, and how do you think legal professionals can stay ahead in such a dynamic field?

Intersection of law and technology is always appealing. COVID-19 pandemic taught all the lawyers to accept that intersection. Privacy as a concept is relatively new to India. We are still to see the rules being made under the Digital Data Protection Act, 2023. For legal professionals, it will be my advice that to stay ahead in this dynamic field, they must embrace the change which the Act has brought to India. I am sure that there will be a lot of work which will flow from the Act as it has recognized right of individual to keep his digital data private and talked about the repercussions if sharing of such data leads to any breach.

As someone who has excelled in both professional and personal life, receiving accolades such as the India Business Leader Award and the Young Alumni Achiever Award, what advice would you offer to young legal professionals aspiring to achieve similar success?

My advice to young legal minds would be to read, write, laugh, and enjoy life. One must be passionate about her or his work. If law is something, that you are passionate about, I am sure that everything else will follow. It is only work that will take any person ahead in life.

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