“Recognizing that the initial move in every case may not necessarily involve approaching the court, I find it essential to adopt a holistic and commercially minded approach to achieve the desired result”- Adit Shah, Partner at  Arrow Law Partners

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Can you share with us the journey that led you to pursue a career in law, and what motivated you to specialize in dispute resolution?

I developed a keen interest in law early in my academic journey, drawn to its complexities and its potential to address societal issues. Additionally, in my formative years, I was heavily inspired by my grandfather who was also a lawyer but never had an opportunity to practice due to certain family obligations. During my LLB course, I engaged in various legal internships, gaining exposure to different areas of law. It was during this time that I discovered a particular fascination with dispute resolution. My dedication to this field grew stronger as I observed its profound impact on individuals and businesses. The prospect of aiding parties in resolving conflicts became a compelling force guiding my career path. During my tenure at both Spectrum Legal and Trilegal, I was given ample opportunities to delve deeper into my interest in dispute resolution, establishing a robust foundation in the process. These experiences afforded me extensive exposure to a diverse range of matters and an overarching understanding of dispute resolution strategies.

Your experience at Spectrum Legal involved handling a diverse range of legal issues. Could you highlight a specific case or project that you found particularly challenging or rewarding and share the key lessons you learned from it?

Due to the confidentiality of several cases I handled, and their ongoing status, I am unable to disclose specific party names. However, I can reference several significant cases I worked on, some of which have been publicly reported on forums such as Bar and Bench. One of the initial cases that I extensively contributed to involved addressing alleged defamatory content posted by a journalistic entity against a highly esteemed startup. This particular case underscored the substantial impact that swift action and a well-thought-out strategy can have on a company’s business, emphasizing the importance of meticulous drafting. The primary challenge in this matter was ensuring the prompt filing of the plaint and getting quick interim relief, as time is crucial in all civil defamation cases.

From your time at Arrow Law Partners, what aspects of being a Partner have you found most fulfilling, and how has your role evolved compared to your previous experiences as an Associate?

This question holds particular interest for me, given that I established Arrow Law Partners just a few months ago, and the experience has been incredibly enlightening. As an associate, one can rely on various colleagues and partners for support and assistance. However, stepping into the role of a partner has meant taking on the sole responsibility of ensuring that I deliver the best possible advice and service to my clients. The most rewarding aspect of this transition has been engaging in discussions with clients, where my focus is on presenting all available options alongside my recommended suggestions for approaching a matter. Recognizing that the initial move in every case may not necessarily involve approaching the court, I find it essential to adopt a holistic and commercially minded approach to achieve the desired result. Consequently, the practice of dispute resolution strategy itself has become a vital component, emphasizing the importance of considering alternatives rather than advising every client to directly pursue court action or initiate arbitration. 

In your role at Trilegal, you contributed to the dispute resolution team and participated in due diligence processes for potential mergers. How did this experience shape your perspective on the intersection of litigation and corporate transactions?

My experience at Trilegal has proven to be invaluable in fortifying my expertise in dispute resolution and expanding my perspective on approaching various matters and disputes. Involvement in due diligence and merger applications played a crucial role in deepening my understanding of the commercial aspects inherent in each case. This exposure shed light on the considerations companies weigh before delving into discussions about potential mergers Initially, with my primary interest lying in dispute resolution, I may not have seen the immediate merit in working on such matters. However, through active engagement with these cases and collaboration with other teams, I gained insights into the practical intricacies associated with mergers. This experience illuminated how any dispute could significantly impact the potential success of a merger, providing me with a more comprehensive understanding of the interconnected nature of legal practice. 

Given your extensive experience in the legal field, what advice would you offer to recent law graduates who are embarking on their careers, especially those interested in dispute resolution and arbitration?

My primary advice is to immerse yourself in diverse experiences and tackle various types of legal matters by diving in to the deep end. Given the increasing number of law graduates each year, the upcoming generation of dispute resolution lawyers will focus on specialisation. The key to understanding your interests and identifying your niche lies in gaining exposure to a range of cases Starting by actively participating in different aspects of legal work, including running around to handle various tasks, is crucial. This hands-on experience is where you acquire the fundamentals and practicalities of dispute resolution. I often advise new lawyers and interns to attend court sessions and observe proceedings, as it offers valuable insights into argumentative styles, reading the judge, and presenting effective arguments. This exposure is indispensable for honing essential skills in the field.

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