“Seek knowledge and strive for continuous learning and give back to the community to make a positive impact”- Gagan Oberoi, Founder, Oberoi Law Chambers

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Can you share a bit about your journey into the field of law? What initially sparked your interest, and how did you find your way into practising law, particularly in areas such as Criminal Law, Corporate Consultancy, and Matrimonial Law?

I founded the firm in the year 2012, with the motto – “JUSTICE FOR ALL”, Oberoi Law Chamber’s is shielded by me having an experience of 14+ years in the industry with efficient lobby and irrefutable liaising across India, along with his team of experienced lawyers to fix all litigation and legal obstacles.

The firm’s mission is to build & sustain a relationship-driven firm that believes in commitment towards developing and nurturing relationships for the long term with their clients. This is driven by the passion and the ability to provide optimal solutions packaged with professionalism as well as cost efficiency.

• Criminal Litigation

• Civil Litigation

• Matrimonial Litigation

• Corporate Law

• Industrial Dispute

• Debt Recovery

• Intellectual Property Rights

You’ve had a diverse range of legal experiences, from litigating in various courts to founding Oberoi Law Chambers. What inspired you to establish your own firm, and how does your mission of “Justice for All” shape the work you do?

Oberoi Law Chambers was founded with a vision for a client-centric, technology-driven firm with strong ethical values. Overcoming challenges and adapting to change, the founder assembled a team of passionate individuals and embraced innovation. He started his journey in the field of law in the office of Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma and Rahul Sharma – Associate where he worked from June 2008 – November 2012,  Chandigarh. Post which he moved on to establishing Oberoi law chambers. In the city of Ludhiana expanding to the Punjab Haryana High Court and the supreme court. 

Personalized attention, clear communication, and a secure client portal were prioritized to ensure clients were informed and involved throughout the legal process. The firm also incorporated sustainability initiatives and actively engaged in pro bono legal work, reflecting its commitment to ethical practices. While facing challenges and setbacks along the way, each experience became a learning opportunity, fostering resilience and strengthening the firm’s resolve. Today, Oberoi Law Chambers stands as a testament to its founder’s vision, earning the trust of countless clients, successfully representing them in complex legal matters, and achieving landmark victories. Looking ahead, the firm remains committed to innovation, client service, and ethical practices, aiming to shape the future of legal services and drive positive change in the world.

The firm’s idea to ensure that our clients get a proper return on their investment; along with expertise, turnaround ability, speedy availability, honest and transparent approach and Partner involvement in every assignment drives the choice for the Client. We also do pro bono litigation for the less privileged and handicapped. For victims of heinous crimes, we provide cost-to-cost service. 

Could you elaborate on some of the most memorable legal battles you’ve fought for your clients? What were the key challenges you faced, and how did you navigate through them to achieve a satisfactory resolution?

Since its inception, Oberoi Law Chambers has earned a reputation for excellence and client satisfaction. Here are some key accomplishments:

  • Won landmark cases: Successfully represented clients in high-profile cases, setting precedents and achieving significant legal victories. To name a few cases from the last few months:
  • Master Eric Thind [Changed the laws around surrogacy allowing single biological father to have custody of a child born through surrogacy]
  • Raj Kapoor v. State of Punjab [got case time-bound, proceeding with summary trial in place of summon trial]
  • Zuber bail v. State of Punjab [on account of delayed trial]
  • Nisha Sidhu’s case [dealt with rape victim compensation]
  • Built a diverse and talented team: Attracted and retained top legal talent, fostering a culture of inclusion and collaboration.
  • Developed innovative solutions: Pioneered the use of cutting-edge legal technology and implemented unique strategies to enhance client service.
  • Received client testimonials: Consistently recognized by clients for providing exceptional legal services, personalized attention, and achieving successful outcomes. [They can be found on our website]

As someone who has worked extensively in litigation, what are some of the essential skills you believe every successful litigator should possess? How do you hone these skills in your own practice?

My idea is to ensure that our clients get a proper return on their investment; along with expertise, turnaround ability, speedy availability, honest and transparent approach and Partner involvement in every assignment drives the choice for the Client.

We also do pro bono litigation for the less privileged and handicapped. For victims of heinous crimes, we provide cost-to-cost service. Work Culture drives success. We believe that our strong work ethics and values are essential to providing exceptional legal services to our clients. We avoid conflict of interest and ensure full privacy. We are committed to fostering a collaborative, supportive, and diverse work environment where everyone feels empowered to excel as this leads to High employee satisfaction & engagement, Strong client relationships, Top talent recruitment & retention, and Increased profitability. Our Core Values include:

  • Client Focus: Personalized attention, responsive service, optimal outcomes.
  • Excellence: Continuous learning, ethical standards, striving for the best.
  • Integrity: Honesty, fairness, transparency in all dealings.
  • Respect: Dignity & equality for all.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration, knowledge sharing, mutual support.
  • Innovation: Creative problem-solving, embracing new technologies.
  • Community: Pro bono work and charitable giving.

Legal research and document preparation are crucial aspects of legal practice. Can you share some insights into your approach to conducting legal research and how you ensure the accuracy and thoroughness of your legal documents?

We stay updated about legal issues by Regularly reading Supreme Court and High Court Judgments, Acts, and commentaries, attending conferences, and government notifications. Oberoi Law Chambers does not hold back on continuously investing in technology to provide the best possible service to our clients. As it benefits us with Increased efficiency and accuracy, Improved collaboration and client communication, and Valuable insights for better legal strategies. We utilize cutting-edge technology and legal research tools to enhance our services, for the following purposes:

  • Research & Writing
  • Practice Management & Collaboration
  • E-discovery software for streamlining electronic document review.
  • Client Communication & Engagement
  • Business intelligence software for analyzing case data and legal trends.

Given your expertise in areas such as NRI Law and Customs Law, could you shed some light on the unique challenges and complexities involved in handling cases with international dimensions? How do you navigate through these complexities effectively?

Oberoi Law Chambers, your trusted name in NRI and Customs law, delves into the labyrinthine world of international legal cases. Here’s a glimpse into the unique challenges and complexities you navigate:

Jurisdictional Maze: Imagine navigating legal systems across diverse countries, each with its own language and intricacies. Identifying the applicable jurisdiction and reconciling conflicting laws can feel like solving a complex puzzle.

Evidence Expedition: Gathering evidence from foreign lands becomes a time-consuming and expensive expedition. Unfamiliar legal procedures and securing international cooperation for evidence collection or witness testimony require diplomatic finesse.

Cultural Crossroads: Successfully navigating legal interpretations, communication, and negotiation strategies demands sensitivity to cultural nuances. Language barriers necessitate skilled interpreters to bridge communication gaps.

Enforcement Enigma: Enforcing a foreign judgment feels like solving an enigma. Different legal systems and enforcement mechanisms create hurdles, making knowledge of relevant treaties and conventions facilitating cross-border enforcement crucial.

Navigation Strategies: To conquer these challenges, Oberoi Law Chambers employs a multi-pronged approach:

  • Local Expertise: Partnering with experienced local counsel ensures you navigate local intricacies with ease.
  • International Law Savvy: Lawyers well-versed in international law and relevant treaties guide you through the legal labyrinth.
  • Effective Communication: Building trust and understanding through clear communication and cultural sensitivity is key.
  • Technological Edge: Utilizing technology tools streamlines communication, translation, and legal research, giving you an edge.

By understanding these challenges and employing these strategies, Oberoi Law Chambers continues to navigate the complexities of international cases, ensuring success for your clients.

Additionally, we are committed to sustainability and social responsibility, which is reflected in our initiatives:

  • Pro bono legal work: Providing legal services to those who cannot afford them, focusing on underprivileged communities and social justice issues.
  • Environmental sustainability: Implementing practices to minimize our environmental impact, such as reducing paper usage and promoting energy-efficient technologies.
  • Community outreach: Partnering with local organizations and charities to support causes that promote education, healthcare, and social welfare.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Creating a diverse workforce where everyone feels valued and respected, promoting equal opportunities for all.
  • Ethical business practices: Upholding high ethical standards in all our dealings, ensuring transparency, fairness, and responsible conduct.

With over a decade of experience in the legal field, what advice would you give to fresh law graduates who are just starting their careers? What are some key lessons you’ve learned along the way that you believe would be valuable for them to keep in mind as they embark on their own journeys in the legal profession?

We are currently working in the northern part of the company, we wish to expand while we remain a trusted partner for our clients, exceeding their expectations and helping them achieve their goals. Seek knowledge and strive for continuous learning and give back to the community to make a positive impact.

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