“Success in law is not just about individual achievements but also about working together and lifting each other.” – Aviral Kapoor, Co-founder & Partner at Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices

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Starting your career as a first-generation lawyer, can you share a bit about your journey and what inspired you to pursue law as a profession?

My fascination with the legal profession stemmed not from its prestige or the challenges it posed, but from the unique chance it gave me to explore the complexities of various businesses and industries. Each case was a new puzzle, and every law was a gateway to understanding a different aspect of the world through a legal perspective. Embarking on this path as a first-generation lawyer was both thrilling and intimidating. With no precedents in my family to guide me, I relied on my determination and adaptability to overcome academic and professional obstacles. The journey was tough, yet rewarding, as every legal concept I understood and every case study I examined deepened my knowledge and love for the law.

Along the way, I was fortunate to encounter some of the most supportive and insightful lawyers in the field. Their willingness to share knowledge, encourage my pursuits, and guide me through the legal landscape was invaluable. Their mentorship not only inspired me but also highlighted the importance of community within our profession. It taught me that success in law is not just about individual achievements but also about working together and lifting each other. This sense of belonging and mutual support has been a fundamental part of my journey.

As a co-founder of Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices, what unique approach do you bring to providing legal solutions for companies, and how do you deal with legal hurdles strategically?

At Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices, our distinctive approach is deeply rooted in a partner-focused model, where each client’s case is meticulously overseen by a partner. This method goes beyond merely addressing the issue at hand; we immerse ourselves in understanding the entirety of our client’s business. This comprehensive insight allows us to devise strategies that are not only tailored to solve immediate legal challenges but are also aligned with the broader business objectives of our clients. By integrating this deep business understanding with our legal expertise, we ensure that our solutions are both effective in the present and beneficial for the client’s future, enabling them to navigate their industry’s complexities with greater confidence and legal foresight.

You’ve worked with top law firms in India before co-founding your practice. How has this experience enriched your legal perspective, and what lessons did you carry into your own law office?

Working with top law firms in India prior to co-founding Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices has been an invaluable part of my professional journey, significantly enriching my legal perspective. One of the key lessons I’ve brought into our practice is the importance of transparent and comprehensive communication with our clients. We’ve adopted a unique approach of updating our clients through recording emails, which detail the entire proceedings before a court. This method has been particularly appreciated by our clients, as it ensures they are well-informed and engaged with the progress of their cases.

Additionally, my tenure at these esteemed firms instilled in me the ability to perform under high-pressure situations. This skill has been instrumental in shaping the ethos of our own law office, where we emphasize resilience, adaptability, and the capacity to deliver exceptional legal services, even under the most demanding circumstances. These experiences have not only enriched my legal perspective but have also been pivotal in defining the values and operational excellence of Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices.

Being empanelled with prestigious organizations like South Delhi Municipal Corporation and NBCC, how do these affiliations contribute to the breadth and depth of your legal practice?

Being empanelled with prestigious organizations like the South Delhi Municipal Corporation and NBCC has significantly enhanced the scope and depth of our legal practice. These empanelments have not only broadened our exposure to a variety of legal matters but have also been instrumental in building a strong reputation in various courts. Regular appearances in court, as a result of these affiliations, have allowed me to develop a familiarity with different benches. This familiarity is crucial as it fosters a level of trust and understanding; judges tend to recognize and appreciate lawyers who are consistently present and demonstrate a commitment to their profession. It’s important to note that this recognition is not about bias but rather about the confidence that comes from seeing a lawyer’s consistent performance and understanding of legal nuances over time. These opportunities have thus been pivotal in enhancing our credibility and expertise, allowing us to serve our clients more effectively and contribute meaningfully to the legal community.

Your legal practice encompasses diverse areas, including technology law, insolvency, and debt recovery. How do you navigate the unique challenges and nuances of each domain, and what skills do you find most crucial in maintaining proficiency across such varied legal landscapes?

Navigating the diverse realms of technology law, insolvency, and debt recovery requires a dynamic and informed approach, emphasizing the importance of staying current with the latest laws and judgments. In my practice, a strong focus on research and continuous learning is paramount, as these enable me to understand the intricacies of each domain thoroughly. Beyond diligent research, attending seminars, workshops, and conferences plays a crucial role in my professional development, offering fresh insights and perspectives on evolving legal issues. Networking with fellow lawyers and industry professionals further enriches my understanding and approach, allowing me to exchange ideas and strategies that enhance my proficiency. This combination of ongoing education, active engagement in the legal community, and a commitment to thorough research equip me to navigate the unique challenges of these varied legal landscapes effectively, ensuring I can provide high-quality legal services to my clients.

Internships play a crucial role in a young lawyer’s development. How does Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices engage with interns, and what opportunities do you provide for them to gain practical experience and exposure within the firm?

At Alagh & Kapoor Law Offices, we deeply value the role of internships in shaping the future of young lawyers. Being a boutique law firm, we offer a unique advantage for interns to engage directly with partners, fostering an environment where they feel comfortable seeking clarifications and engaging in meaningful discussions. Our approachability ensures that interns are not just observers but active participants in the legal process. We maintain a vibrant office culture, including social events that interns are encouraged to join, further integrating them into our team. Interns are considered an integral part of our office, held accountable for their contributions and encouraged to grow professionally. To facilitate this growth, we require interns to present on a topic they’ve worked on during their internship, allowing them to refine their research, analysis, and presentation skills. This hands-on experience, combined with our supportive and inclusive environment, equips interns with practical skills and exposure, preparing them for successful careers in law.

Beyond your thriving legal career, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy in your free time? How do you unwind and find balance outside the courtroom?

Beyond the courtroom and legal documents, I find solace and balance in the world of cinema, music, and open roads. As an avid movie enthusiast, I rarely miss any film, often spending my weekends catching a late-night show. This passion for movies offers a delightful way to recharge. Along with my love for movies, music is also a big part of my life. I often play the guitar to relax and find peace in the middle of my busy work as a lawyer. Additionally, I have a profound love for driving, though I steer clear of Delhi’s traffic. During court vacations, I’ve embarked on drives to Leh and Ladakh, Manali, and other serene hill stations. These hobbies not only help me unwind but also keep me connected to the creative and adventurous aspects of life, providing a harmonious balance to the rigor of law.

Given your diverse practice areas, including criminal law, insolvency, and consumer law, what advice would you give to law students and young lawyers looking to build a versatile legal career like yours?

For law students and young lawyers aspiring to build a versatile legal career, I’d suggest embracing the unique journey that lies ahead with patience and perseverance. Understand that law school is not just about academics; it’s a golden opportunity to forge connections that can last a lifetime. Internships offer a practical glimpse into the legal profession, so seize them to gain as much real-world experience as possible. Give yourself time to explore and immerse in various fields of law during the initial 5-7 years of your career before deciding to specialize, if at all. Remember, patience is key—there are no shortcuts, and there’s no substitute for hard work. It’s about finding what resonates with you and leveraging that to carve out your niche, ensuring a fulfilling and successful career in law.

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