The legal profession offers a vast array of opportunities, and your career journey can be as unique as you are- Bharat Sharma, Advocate at the Supreme Court of India and Managing Partner at Praxous De Legal Law Firm

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You started your career teaching German and later ventured into the world of finance and law. Can you share the pivotal moments that led you to this diverse career path?

  • “My career path is a tapestry of diverse experiences, woven together by a passion for continuous learning and a relentless drive to excel.”
  • “From the classrooms of language instruction to the high-stakes world of finance and law, my journey has been marked by pivotal moments that have deepened my understanding of diverse fields.”
  • “I transitioned from shaping minds through language instruction to shaping financial futures, where I learned that every success story is a testament to the power of knowledge and dedication.”
  • “The financial and legal sectors exposed me to the complexities of the modern world, where I realized that my ability to help people extended beyond language and education.”
  • “My journey underscores the importance of adaptability and seizing opportunities that align with one’s core values and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.”
  • “Teaching German and guiding students was the foundation of my career, but my foray into finance and law was the bridge that allowed me to connect with people on a deeper level, addressing their financial and legal needs.”
  • “In the world of finance and law, I discovered that my background in education was not a departure but a valuable foundation for effective communication, problem-solving, and client advocacy.”
  • During this period, I honed my skills and managed investment portfolios for high-net-worth clients globally. The corporate banking and insurance industry taught me the value of customer-centricity, and I climbed the career ladder with eight consecutive promotions, earning numerous accolades and certifications. Being recognized among the top 10 managers in the entire Delhi region was a significant milestone.
  • “My diverse career path has taught me that success is not confined to a single field; it is a reflection of one’s ability to adapt, learn, and embrace new challenges with enthusiasm.”
  • However, a pivotal moment occurred when I encountered a distressed client who had fallen victim to insurance fraud. This incident awakened my desire to help individuals facing white-collar crimes and misconduct. It led me to transition into the field of law and join my father’s law firm, where I could provide legal aid and support to those in need.
  • In summary, my diverse career path is a culmination of my experiences in teaching, entrepreneurship, finance, and law. Each phase has contributed to my growth and shaped my commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. My journey has been guided by a passion for learning, a desire to help others, and a drive to excel in diverse fields, ultimately leading me to where I am today.”

There was a significant turning point when you helped a client recover a substantial sum from fraudulent insurance policies. What was the most challenging aspect of this case, and how did it inspire your interest in legal aid for white-collar crimes?

  • “The turning point in my career occurred during a profoundly challenging case where I assisted a client in recovering a substantial sum from fraudulent insurance policies. This experience not only tested my problem-solving abilities but also ignited my passion for providing legal aid in the realm of white-collar crimes.
  • The most challenging aspect of this case was uncovering the extensive web of deception that had ensnared my client. He had fallen victim to individuals who had impersonated IRDA management Officials, engaging in misconduct and selling fraudulent insurance policies with false promises of bonuses and RBI Bonds worth a staggering amount.
  • What made this case particularly daunting was the sheer magnitude of the deception – my client carried a trolley bag filled with 167 insurance policy bonds from over 10 insurance companies, totalling a premium amount of 3.8 Crores. It was a complex and overwhelming situation.
  • As I delved deeper into the case, I realized the depth of despair that had befallen my client and many others who had been similarly deceived. He had even attempted suicide, which added an emotional layer to the already intricate legal aspects of the case.
  • The process of uncovering the fraud and assisting my client in recovering his investments was an arduous journey that required meticulous research, legal expertise, and unwavering dedication. I worked tirelessly for over six months, tirelessly navigating the intricacies of the insurance industry, and coordinating with various insurance companies to secure the refunds. Ultimately, 159 out of 167 policies were successfully refunded, amounting to 3.54 Crores. Witnessing my client’s relief and gratitude was an incredibly rewarding moment in my career.
  • This experience profoundly affected me and kindled a deep-seated desire to assist individuals facing white-collar crimes, where unsuspecting victims often suffer substantial losses. It made me acutely aware of the prevalence of such crimes in India and the need for legal professionals to step forward and provide support.
  • This case became a pivotal moment that guided me towards transitioning into the field of law, ultimately leading me to join my father’s law firm. It underscored the importance of legal advocacy and the critical role that lawyers can play in safeguarding the rights and interests of individuals in the face of financial misconduct and fraud. My commitment to this cause has only grown stronger since, and it continues to drive my dedication to providing legal aid and support to those in need, particularly in the realm of white-collar crimes.”

Joining your father’s law firm was a significant step in your career. What did you find most rewarding about working in a family law firm, and how did it influence your perspective on legal practice?

  • “In addition to serving our existing clients at my father’s law firm, I set out on a mission to elevate our practice into one of Delhi’s Top 20 law firms. To achieve this, I took a proactive approach by tapping into my extensive network of old clients from my prior career in banking and insurance.
  • I recognized that these clients could benefit from comprehensive legal support, so I offered pro bono assistance tailored to their specific needs. Initially, many approached me with banking and insurance disputes, given my background in the industry. However, as word of our firm’s capabilities spread, our caseload expanded to encompass corporate, civil and criminal matters.
  • Each day brought new challenges and opportunities for growth. I embraced this learning curve wholeheartedly, continuously improving my legal skills. This dedication allowed me to provide efficient and effective legal solutions to my clients, ensuring their legal issues were addressed promptly and comprehensively.”
  • This showcases your proactive approach, commitment to growth, and adaptability in expanding your law firm’s practice areas.

You mentioned pursuing international law certifications, including the IBMI program in Berlin. How has your international legal education shaped your approach to commercial and corporate law, especially in the Indian context?

  • “Pursuing international law certifications, such as the IBMI program in Berlin, has significantly influenced my approach to commercial and corporate law, particularly in the context of India. It provided me with a global perspective and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of legal systems, which has been extremely valuable in my legal practice.
  • Broader Perspective: International legal education exposed me to a wide range of legal frameworks, practices, and case studies from around the world. This broader perspective has allowed me to approach commercial and corporate law in India with a more open mind, integrating international best practices and innovative solutions into my strategies.
  • Cross-Border Transactions: Understanding international law is essential in today’s globalized business landscape. It has equipped me to handle cross-border transactions more effectively, facilitating smoother negotiations and compliance with international regulations. This is particularly important as Indian businesses increasingly engage in global trade and investments.
  • Legal Innovation: International legal education emphasized the importance of legal innovation and staying updated with evolving legal trends and technologies. This mindset has encouraged me to adopt innovative approaches and leverage technology in the Indian legal context, enhancing efficiency and client service.
  • Adaptability: International legal education has taught me the importance of adaptability in the face of rapidly changing global legal dynamics. In the Indian context, where laws and regulations can evolve swiftly, this adaptability is a crucial asset for both clients and legal practitioners.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: It has also deepened my appreciation for diversity and inclusivity in legal practice. Recognizing the multicultural aspects of international law has made me more attuned to the diverse needs and perspectives of clients in India, helping me provide more comprehensive and tailored legal advice.
  • In summary, my international legal education has not only enriched my understanding of commercial and corporate law but also empowered me to offer more comprehensive and globally informed legal solutions to clients in the Indian context. It has broadened my horizons, encouraged innovation, and fostered adaptability, all of which have proven to be invaluable assets in my legal practice.”
  • Conflict Resolution: International legal education emphasized various methods of conflict resolution, including arbitration and mediation, which have become increasingly relevant in India’s corporate landscape. These alternative dispute resolution mechanisms have allowed me to guide clients towards quicker and cost-effective resolutions.
  • Global Compliance Standards: International certifications have made me well-versed in global compliance standards and regulations, which I can apply to ensure that Indian companies adhere to international norms, enhancing their reputation and global competitiveness.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: Dealing with international legal matters has honed my cross-cultural communication skills. This proficiency is beneficial when representing Indian clients in negotiations or transactions involving foreign counterparts, where effective communication can be a key factor in achieving successful outcomes.
  • International Networking: My international legal education has expanded my professional network across borders. These connections have proven valuable for collaborating with legal experts from different jurisdictions, allowing me to provide comprehensive advice when clients have multi-jurisdictional legal needs.
  • Risk Assessment: Understanding international legal frameworks has equipped me with a nuanced approach to risk assessment. I can better identify potential risks and opportunities for Indian businesses operating globally, aiding them in making informed decisions.
  • Legal Research and Comparative Analysis: International legal education has enhanced my skills in legal research and comparative analysis. This proficiency enables me to stay updated with global legal developments and apply relevant international precedents and case studies to Indian legal scenarios.
  • Adherence to Ethical Standards: International legal education underscores the importance of ethical standards and professional conduct, which I have integrated into my practice in India. Upholding these principles ensures that clients receive not only legally sound advice but also ethical guidance.

As the Managing Partner at PRAXOUS DE LEGAL LAW FIRM, you oversee a wide range of legal services. Can you highlight some of the most challenging and rewarding cases or projects you’ve worked on in recent years?

In recent years, my role as a Legal Counsel and Retainer for prominent Indian and international corporations has provided me with the unique opportunity to represent clients in a variety of legal settings. I’ve had the privilege of appearing in District Courts across seven to eight different states in India and have also presented cases in the High Courts of eight Indian states, including Delhi, Bombay, Allahabad, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab & Haryana, and Uttarakhand. These experiences have allowed me to serve my corporate clients effectively and meet the legal needs of international clients with branches in India.

“As the Managing Partner at PRAXOUS DE LEGAL LAW FIRM, I have had the privilege of overseeing a diverse portfolio of legal services. In recent years, several cases and projects have stood out as both challenging and profoundly rewarding. I won’t be able to disclose the names of the cases but allow me to highlight a few of these significant experiences:

Complex Cross-Border Merger: One of the most challenging and rewarding cases involved facilitating a complex cross-border merger between an Indian company and a multinational corporation. Navigating the intricate web of international regulations, compliance, and negotiations required a meticulous approach. Successfully closing this merger not only demonstrated our firm’s proficiency in international corporate law but also contributed to fostering foreign investments in India.

High-Stakes Litigation: We recently took on a high-stakes litigation case representing a client facing a multi-million-dollar dispute. The intricate legal complexities and the pressure of the substantial financial stakes made this a challenging undertaking. However, achieving a favourable resolution for our client was immensely rewarding, reinforcing the significance of thorough legal research, strategic planning, and advocacy.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection: Protecting the intellectual property rights of an innovative Indian startup in the technology sector posed a unique set of challenges. We successfully navigated patent and trademark issues, both in India and internationally, securing our client’s innovative ideas and products. This case highlighted the crucial role that intellectual property plays in modern businesses and the importance of safeguarding these assets.

Pro Bono Advocacy: Beyond corporate cases, our firm is committed to pro bono work, and one of the most rewarding experiences involved providing legal support to an underprivileged community facing land disputes. Our efforts resulted in securing land rights for numerous families, providing them with a sense of security and a place to call home. This case exemplified the profound impact that legal advocacy can have on marginalized communities.

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Compliance: With the growing emphasis on data privacy, we embarked on a challenging project involving cybersecurity and data privacy compliance for a multinational corporation operating in India. Crafting a comprehensive compliance framework that adhered to global standards while meeting local legal requirements was a noteworthy accomplishment. It reinforced our commitment to staying ahead of evolving legal landscapes.

Criminal Litigation – Delhi Riots 2020 Case: We undertook a complex criminal litigation case related to the Delhi Riots in 2020, representing individuals Hindu Community Individuals. The case required a deep understanding of criminal law and a meticulous examination of evidence. Successfully representing our clients and ensuring a fair legal process in such a high-profile case was both challenging and deeply significant. “The trial is currently ongoing.”

In conclusion, overseeing a wide range of legal services at PRAXOUS DE LEGAL LAW FIRM has allowed me to engage in diverse and complex cases and projects. While each case presented its own unique challenges, the satisfaction of achieving successful outcomes for our clients reaffirms our dedication to delivering exceptional legal services and making a positive impact in the legal landscape.”

You have a strong background in various industries, including insurance, insurtech, blockchain, and more. What industry trends or developments are you currently excited about, and how do they intersect with your legal practice? Please answer by primarily focusing on Insurtech and Insurance and technology driven companies like gaming , blockchain, ai integrated companies for data privacy and copyright legal assistance.

“I am genuinely excited about several industry trends and developments, especially in the realms of Banking, Insurtech, insurance, and technology-driven sectors like gaming, blockchain, and AI-integrated companies. These trends intersect closely with my legal practice and present both challenges and opportunities:

1. Insurtech Revolution: The Insurtech landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation. Technology-driven innovations, such as AI-powered underwriting, IoT-based risk assessment, and blockchain for smart contracts, are reshaping the insurance industry. As a legal practitioner, I find this trend particularly intriguing because it necessitates a thorough understanding of emerging regulations and compliance in the insurance and technology sectors. My role involves helping clients navigate this evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring they harness the full potential of Insurtech while remaining compliant.

2. Gaming and Intellectual Property: The gaming industry continues to experience exponential growth, driven by advancements in virtual reality, augmented reality, and esports. Protecting intellectual property and copyright has become paramount in this sector. I find it fascinating to assist gaming companies in safeguarding their creative content, trademarks, and patents. This entails staying abreast of international copyright laws and advocating for our clients’ rights in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

3. Blockchain and Data Privacy: Blockchain technology holds immense promise, not only in finance but also in areas like supply chain management, healthcare, and digital identity. My legal practice aligns with blockchain’s intersection with data privacy. Ensuring compliance with data protection regulations while leveraging the transparency and security of blockchain is a complex yet exciting challenge. I work closely with clients to establish robust data privacy protocols in their blockchain implementations.

4. AI and Data Protection: Companies integrating AI into their operations generate vast amounts of data, raising critical data privacy concerns. The evolving landscape of AI and data privacy laws requires continuous vigilance. My legal practice focuses on helping businesses strike a balance between harnessing AI’s potential and safeguarding the privacy of individuals, ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

5. Evolving Regulatory Landscape: The constantly changing regulatory environment is a significant trend across these industries. Staying updated with new laws and regulations, both in India and internationally, is crucial. As a legal practitioner, I ensure my clients remain compliant while taking advantage of these trends.

6. Cybersecurity Challenges: With the increasing digitization of businesses, cybersecurity has become paramount. Technology-driven companies face continuous threats, and ensuring data protection and cybersecurity measures are up to par is an ongoing concern. My role involves advising clients on robust cybersecurity strategies and legal compliance to safeguard sensitive information.

7. Global Expansion: Many technology-driven companies aspire to expand globally. Navigating international laws and regulations, trade agreements, and intellectual property rights becomes essential. My legal practice supports these ambitions, providing guidance on international business operations and regulatory compliance.

8. Digital Transformation: As companies embrace digital transformation, they often require assistance in drafting and negotiating contracts, ensuring compliance with digital laws, and protecting their digital assets. I specialize in helping clients navigate the legal intricacies of digital transformation.

9. Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Focus: In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis on ESG factors in corporate governance. Technology-driven companies are no exception. I assist clients in aligning their practices with ESG principles, which can enhance their reputation, reduce risk, and attract socially responsible investors.

10. Dispute Resolution in the Digital Age: With technology playing a significant role in business operations, disputes and litigation often involve complex digital evidence. I specialize in helping clients resolve disputes efficiently and effectively in this digital age, including e-discovery and digital forensics.

In summary, these industry trends and developments intersect with my legal practice in various ways, from regulatory compliance and data privacy to intellectual property protection and global expansion strategies. My role is to provide legal counsel that empowers businesses to navigate these trends successfully while adhering to the highest ethical and legal standards but also to act as a strategic partner, helping clients navigate the evolving regulatory environment, mitigate risks, and seize opportunities. I’m excited to be at the forefront of these transformative trends, offering legal solutions that empower businesses to innovate responsibly and ethically in an increasingly technology-driven world.”

With your diverse career journey, what advice would you give to fresh law graduates who are just starting out in their respective fields, especially those who might be considering multiple career paths like you did?

“To the aspiring law graduates just setting foot in the legal profession, especially those who are contemplating diverse career paths, I offer the following guidance based on my own diverse experiences:

Master the Fundamentals: Start by building a strong foundation in core legal principles and practices. Solid legal knowledge is your bedrock and will serve you well regardless of your chosen path.

Pursue Passion and Purpose: Law is a versatile field, and there are numerous specializations and niches to explore. Choose a legal path that aligns with your passions and values. When you’re genuinely interested in your work, it becomes a source of motivation and satisfaction.

Stay Adaptable: The legal landscape is dynamic. Be open to exploring different areas of law, as well as adjacent fields that intersect with law, such as compliance, consulting, or alternative dispute resolution. Adaptability is key to a successful legal career.

Network Actively: Building a professional network is essential. Attend legal seminars, join bar associations, and connect with experienced legal practitioners. Networking can open doors to valuable opportunities and mentorship.

Mentorship Matters: Seek out mentors who have navigated various legal career paths. They can provide insights, guidance, and help you make informed decisions about your career journey.

Continual Learning: The legal profession demands ongoing learning. Stay updated with legal developments, attend workshops, and consider pursuing specialized certifications or advanced degrees to enhance your expertise.

Embrace Technology: Technology is rapidly changing the legal landscape. Familiarize yourself with legal tech tools and platforms that can streamline your work and improve efficiency.

Ethical Integrity: Uphold the highest ethical standards in all your legal endeavours. Trust and integrity are the cornerstones of a successful legal career.

Persistence Pays Off: Building a rewarding legal career may take time. Be patient, and don’t be discouraged by initial setbacks. Each experience, whether positive or challenging, contributes to your growth.

Diversify Experience: Don’t limit yourself to one type of legal practice. Explore different aspects of law, such as litigation, corporate law, or public interest law. Diverse experiences will make you a more versatile and well-rounded legal professional.

Consider the Bigger Picture: Beyond legal expertise, develop skills in communication, negotiation, and problem-solving. These skills are invaluable in any legal role.

Stay Inquisitive: Be curious and inquisitive. Ask questions, seek out novel solutions, and be open to unconventional approaches to legal challenges.

In summary, the legal profession offers a vast array of opportunities, and your career journey can be as unique as you are. Embrace the journey, remain adaptable, and never stop learning. By combining passion, purpose, and a commitment to excellence, you can build a fulfilling legal career that aligns with your aspirations and values.”


“Follow Excellence” “And Success will follow you”

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