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“As a Panel Advocate, I developed ethical practising skills and increased my corporate legal field knowledge.” – From Ayurveda to Advocacy: The Transformative Journey of Deen Dayal Purohit, Advocate at the Jaipur High Court & Purohit & Associates,

This interview has been published by Namrata Singh and The SuperLawyer Team

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers and walk us through your journey? Also before pursuing your LL.B., you completed a diploma in Ayurveda Ratna. What motivated you to switch to law after seven years in Ayurveda? What inspired you to pursue law?

Yes, I’ll feel grateful to introduce myself and about my journey to you. From 1985 to 2000, I served as a consultant in the renowned Ayurveda Pharmaceutical company, meanwhile, in 1997 my brother B.P. Chhangani was selected for judicial service. He motivated me to do an LLB course, and as you know I cleared LLB in the year 2000 and started practising as an Advocate from 2000 onwards to continue.

Could you please elaborate on the main practice areas you specialize in and the types of cases you most frequently handle in your legal practice?

My main practising areas are Criminal, and Writs in the High Court.

What responsibilities does your position as a Public Notary for the Government of India entail, and how does it integrate with your other legal work?

In the tribunals and high courts, documents need to be notarized, so, it is a part of day-to-day professional practice.

You have been a panel advocate for numerous institutions. How does this role differ from private practice, and what skills have you developed from these experiences? Please share some insights from your work as a panel advocate.

Panel Advocating work is different from private practice. As a Panel Advocate, I’m working in corporate culture. During my work as a Panel Advocate, I developed ethical practising skills and increased my corporate legal field knowledge. 

Could you please discuss the significance of the reportable judgments you were involved in, such as Priyanka Shrimali Vs. State of Rajasthan and Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Vs. State of Rajasthan and Ors.? Also you could share some insights from the case.

In the case of Priyanka Shrimali Vs. State of Rajasthan the significance of this matter was “Married daughter is entitled to the compassionate appointments in the Government service”. Before this judgment, the Married daughter was not entitled to the compassionate appointment. In the case of Hindustan Zinc Ltd. Vs. State of Rajasthan and Ors., the significance of this matter is “the challenge to the vires of provisions of sec 38(C) & 39 of the Act and Rule 24(1) of the Rules fails. The writ petitions are dismissed. However, the petitioners, if aggrieved by the entry made in the provisional assessment list, shall be at liberty to file the appropriate objections before the Assessing authority and in the matters wherein final assessment orders have already been made. The demands have been created, they shall be at liberty to file an appeal before the Appellate Authority, if not already filed, within thirty days from the date of this order. The amount, if any, deposited by the petitioners against the demand created in terms of interim orders passed by this court or otherwise, shall be adjusted against the amount payable to satisfy the condition of pre-deposit for maintainability of the appeal”.

Beyond your areas of expertise, which other fields of law do you find particularly fascinating or are passionate about exploring further, and why?  

In Legal Service Authority Act, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Act and Companies Act, but especially in Article 39 A of the constitution of India enacted Legal Service Authority Act because the Legal Service Authority Act, sec 12 is about free and competent legal services for the needy person and other persons that need the justice.

As an experienced lawyer, what do you think the current generation can do to prepare themselves for successful careers in law and beyond?  

The current generation has ample opportunities to prepare and develop for successful careers in legal fields, like International Arbitration, Companies Law, Banking Law, Legal Drafting and several other fields.

Outside of the legal realm, what are your hobbies or interests that help you unwind from the demands of your profession?  

Outside the legal realm, I’m working for several legal awareness campaigns at various places like schools, colleges, and public places on subjects like POSH, POCSO, IT, CYBER CRIME, SENIOR CITIZEN’S RIGHTS, LABOUR ACT, PCMA ACT etc.

Could you tell us more about Purohit and Associates, the types of legal practices they specialize in, and what opportunities they offer for interns looking to gain experience in the legal field?  

The Purohit & Associate practices in the subordinate court, tribunals, High Court, DRT, State Commission and various other fields, and It develops the skill of Associates in practice as well as in the competition of judicial exams and gives enough opportunities to the Associates working under the Purohit & Associates, and also provide opportunities to intern about “earn while learn”.

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