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Ashutosh Ray, Law Assistant, on White Industries and Investment Treaty Arbitrations

Ashutosh Ray had graduated in 2012 from GNLU, Gandhinagar. Thereafter he has been working on various Arbitration Proceedings as a Law Assistant to Mr. Justice A M Ahmadi, Former Chief Justice of India.

The GNLU Digital Media Team had the opportunity to interview him at ‘Changing Face of Arbitration’ seminar about some very specific areas of the Arbitration Law in India.


After the White Industries award, what are the implications on Investment Treaty Arbitration today?


Certainly the White Industries award has opened floodgates to a lot of claims. What should be the approach of the Govt. of India now?


Your views on the issue of transparency?

(Transparency is a pertinent issue when discussing Investment Arbitration and Ashutosh recently wrote an article on Transparency Issue for Indian Express.)


What do you think the Govt. of India should do to reshape the position of investment arbitration law which exist today?

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