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Early on your career you may lack the natural gifts of more senior lawyers but you can make up for this by spending time preparing as best you can for every eventuality- Daniel Murphy, Managing Partner at MD Law Group

This interview has been published by Priyanka Karwa and The SuperLawyer Team

Sir, can you briefly tell us, what predominantly led you to choose law as your career?

I have always enjoyed the solving of problems.  Law presented challenges which required solutions which is why I decided to pursue the career.

As a student of law, what were the subjects that deeply intrigued you?  

I was always interested in international human rights law and international law as I had a background in international politics.

How and why did you choose criminal defense as your primary practice area? What do you think are the primary challenging areas in this field of law?

I chose this area as I felt I could make a significant different for disenfranchised people.  The constitution plays heavily in litigation which is fascinating

You have witnessed a wholesome experience as a prosecutor in Newfoundland and Labrador while acting as the sole prosecutor on the Burin Peninsula. Can you share with us your key learnings that would guide budding lawyers who expect to launch their careers in criminal prosecution?   

Always over prepare.  Early on your career you may lack the natural gifts of more senior lawyers but you can make up for this by spending time preparing as best you can for every eventuality.

Sir, you have had an extensive experience in defence proceedings for offences ranging from common assault to attempted murder. Would you like to share some interesting strategies you employed to win a particular case?

Applied pressure to a specific Prosecutor which had my attempt murder client released.

As the managing partner at MD LAW GROUP, can you give us a glimpse of an average day at work?

Often times they are long days. I interview clients, review documents that come from the prosecution and often spend days in court in trial,

From your experience sir, what are your strategies and policies when it comes to negotiating with prosecution offices and how do you handle it when the negotiations don’t turn up in your favour?

Always be respectful of your fellow lawyers.  You may be diametrically opposed in position but always show kindness and remember this is not personal but business. When things go wrong I usually summarize our impasse in writing and urge them to accept my position.

Sir, with the infinite growth in opportunities, what are the areas you would suggest where upcoming law graduates can focus and elevate themselves?

Based on my experience family law and employment law are excellent opportunities where the business can be marketed successfully.

How important do you think are internships for law graduates in order for them to bag prestigious careers? What are the qualities that you look out for in your prospective interns or employees?  

It is always important to seek internships to successfully start your career but there are many unconventional choices and I would not be discouraged if an internship was not obtained immediately.  In regards to qualities of internets or employees I think it is important that they come with an approach of willing to lean and are willing to roll up their sleeves and work.

What would be your words of advice for new graduates? What is your take sir, when it comes to choosing a specialization in law in early years of one’s career?  

Take your time the right opportunity will appear. I myself didn’t want to do criminal law but grown to love the work.  Be careful on specializing early you should really that first year to attempt course offerings before you make a decision.

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