Kunal Marathe, CEO of Author’s Empire India, on pursuing his career in law

Having written columns, articles and short stories for various publications, Kunal Marathe’s first novel was released in January 2011. Now at 26, he is the CEO of Author’s Empire India and has authored two books. More than twenty titles including fiction, non-fiction and poetry have been published under his company’s aegis. Magic Magic is the third book authored by him.

At present he is studying law from Indore Institute of Law.

In this interview he talks to us about:

  • His decision to write a novel and the challenges faced as a first time novelist.
  • How to create an impressive book trailer.
  • How to find a publisher.
  • His decision to pursue law.

How did you decide to write your first novel? What were the challenges that you faced?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t write my first novel because I had a story that forced me to write. Rather, I wrote because writing a novel was something I always wanted to. I had a dream of becoming a writer since when I was in school. It was all I ever wanted.

Challenges – there were many. I can write a book on them. Unfortunately in India, when someone dreams of taking writing – or any other art – as his career, it’s never easy. When I started drafting the story of my first novel; I was working in Hotel Taj, Mumbai. I used to work till 12 at night, and then, sit in an open library of Fort area all night to complete my novel. It was tough balancing the job, writing, and then those long traveling hours in Mumbai local. But that was just the beginning of the challenges. In writing and publishing industry, actual challenges begin after you get published.

Tell us something about your upcoming novel ‘Magic Magic’.

Magic Magic is a unique novel – it’s a blend of magic and romance, something that is uncommon for the Indian market. It’s the first book of the series that would revolve around Sikandar, a gifted magician.

The novel has been written by two authors – Mr. Anil Samotiya and I. We have tried to keep it lighthearted, something the young Indian readers prefer. Though Magic is the center theme of the novel, romance and humor are the major elements.

If I want to write a novel, how would I go and find a publisher?

Today in the world of Internet, finding and approaching publishers is not a tough job – however, getting your manuscript selected by them is! Penguin Random House, Rupa Publications, Harper Collins and Westland are some of reputed names. Generally one has to send a synopsis of the novel, along with few sample chapters and a cover letter to the publishers as the first step of submission. However, each of them has some special guidelines, which can be found on their official websites.

In case one fails to get his/her manuscript accepted by the publishers, he/she can opt for paid publishing in which the writer pays to the publisher to get the book published. My publication, Author’s Empire had stopped function around one and half years ago due to some financial issues. However, we have resumed our publishing process and any author can contact us for traditional publishing or paid publishing by simply dropping an email at

How can I learn to create an impressive book trailer?

What I have seen especially in India is that 99% of the book trailers being released by the authors are immature works. Never do that. Making an impressive book trailer is a time and money consuming work.

Book trailers can be cinematic; like the one of Magic Magic shown below. Or they can be work of graphics or animation, etc. What you need to understand is that a book trailer is NOT the blurb or synopsis of the book. Many writers simply use the lines from the blurb of the book and form them into the trailer. A book trailer should rather be something that would attract the readers. It’s a medium of marketing – something to compel the reader to buy your book and read it after being watched.

Here’s the link for book trailer of Magic Magic:

What prompted you to study law despite of writing and publishing being your professional background?

I am studying law not as a career option, I am happy with my current profession – writing and publishing. I am studying law because it has always fascinated me. I guess every citizen should study law – in a college or with the help of good law books. Having the knowledge of law protects you, and it gives you strength to serve your nation and society by acting against the wrong and supporting the right causes.

From where are you studying law?

I had many options in Indore, my hometown. I chose Indore Institute of Law. I was told that they are the best in the city, which proved out to be true. Since I also have writing and publishing to look at, I need constant support from my college to complete the projects and cover the course when I fail to attend some classes. And the professors – and even the Executive Director, Mr. Gaurav Basant Jain – at Indore Institute of Law have always been extremely helpful.

 What would be your advice to our readers?

I would like to keep it short. For those who are studying law, please study it to understand the law completely, not just to get a job! And for every single reader of this marvelous portal, I request you all to read my upcoming novel – Magic Magic, which is available on here.

The Link is:

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